Are Skinny Jeans A Cause Of Concern?

Skinny jeans — Love it or loathe it? There is no denying that this fashion trend is here to stay!

Jeans which started as work wear for labourers has now risen to one of the must-have daily outfit for many people. A wardrobe staple, the jeans has seen plenty of changes (in shape and form) from baggy to skinny jeans and more.

However, there seems to be an ongoing debate regarding skinny jeans and the health problems that are associated with them. One of the health problems related to skinny jeans is compartment syndrome, where blood flow is limited to vital parts of the organs. This causes the muscles to bleed and swell from within. However, it seems that the possible health problems do not end there. Skinny jeans also create the illusion that you are slimmer, hiding you from the harsh reality that there is an excess amount of fat building around your waist.

If you are a fan of skinny jeans and still want to continue rocking them, we encourage you to continue reading further to have a better perspective of how skinny jeans affect your body.


Decoding Skinny Jeans

Worn by male and females of all sizes, skinny jeans allow us to enhance our figures immediately. They are elastic and fit many body shapes nicely, allowing us to move easier without all the excess fabric.


Why Do We Like Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans allow an individual to feel more confident and stay in-trend as celebrities and our peers continue to rock them on our favourite TV shows, magazines, and photo shoots etc. Besides being inspired to be like our peers and celebs, they enhance our appearance. Skinny jeans are versatile, and they keep us primp and proper.


The Effects Of Skinny Jeans On Weight Gain

1. Skinny Jeans Conceals Fat

Skinny jeans give us that “all good” factor. It conceals our unwanted fats and highlights the hips and thighs. Due to the compression function, it provides an optical illusion of an elongated outlook from our hips to our legs.

2. Skinny Jeans Are Stretchy

Due to the stretchy material, skinny jeans expand as we put on some weight giving us a false impression that we did not gain any. This leaves us more satisfied with our overall appearance as we do not see the need to exercise.

3. “Fashion Comes In All Sizes”

It was not long ago that individuals who are overweight have to make constant efforts to slim down in order to fit into their desired piece of clothing. However, this has been made simpler with the introduction of skinny jeans available in “plus size”. The struggle to maintain a healthy diet and exercise may no longer be relevant due to the increase in available sizes.


The Conundrum Of Skinny Jeans On Weight Gain

Skinny jeans wrap tightly onto the muscles of our legs, buttocks, and waist up to 8 to 10 hours a day when we are outside wearing them.

Over a period of time, they may cause flabbiness to our body as skinny jeans take over part of the duty of our muscles when worn. Though it may sound relaxing as we do not need to use our muscles, it is the reason why our muscles start becoming less firm. This will gradually then lead to the develop flab around the waist.


Skinny Jeans Builds Up Pressure On The Body

Self-explanatory, skinny jeans are known (and designed) to help you achieve a skinny and tight silhouette. But it gets especially tight around the stomach, knees, calves, hips, and ankles. Over time, they may cause the body to develop a higher risk of damage to the nerves and muscles in the leg when they are compressing your body.

Compression garments, another type of skin hugging clothing, is a type of performance outfit worn by athletes. Compression garments are worn with the purpose to aid recovery and promote higher performance levels of the athletes. Hence the fabric for the legs ( or arms or waist, depending on which garment) is sewn tighter in order to provide support and give shape to the body. Compression garment targets to support the concerned areas but skinny jeans, on the contrary, aims to tighten the bottom half of the body in general.


The Risks Of Skinny Jeans

Due to the tight fit, skinny jeans do not give the lower part of your body much air to “breathe”. Some consequences may include exacerbated heartburn attributed to the pressure placed on the abdomen. Since skinny jeans are tight on the waist and ankles, they may hinder body movements causing us to restrict our movements.


To Wear Or Not To Wear?

While there has been plenty of debate about skinny jeans and its health benefits, it is best for you to understand the limits of your body. If you are experiencing discomfort while wearing skinny jeans, consider opting a size up or a different fit instead.

If you are wearing a pair of skinny jeans, consider that it is hiding the unwanted bits of our body that we do not like. Therefore, the safest and best way to lose weight is still the tried and trusted method of regular exercise.