Are You Too Old to Travel?

As you get older, the prospect of planning and packing for an entire vacation can begin to weigh on your exhausted self instead of lifting your spirits. No longer do you feel as excited about roughing it out with your belongings on your back for a month at a time. Those joints of yours are begging for you to slow down and have mercy already. Consider this, though: as old as you are, you deserve a short, relaxing trip after working so hard for months on end. Whether you have been toiling away as a homemaker or corporate slave, you deserve a new change of pace. You never know, the right destination may end up making you feel younger. Here are some reasons why you are almost never too old to travel.


Escape the Drudgery of Your Work

Even if you love what you do, sometimes escaping your workplace may be exactly what you need to feel younger. The older you are, the more likely you are to be sick and tired of the chains of capitalism. Take this time off to recharge by the beach in a foreign country where you are unlikely to run into your boss and come back feeling more refreshed than ever. Or walk around a previously unexplored shopping district where you can update your tired closet. Watch your productivity skyrocket when you return to work. It will almost be as if your time machine worked and you are once again the fresh-faced newly graduated executive you used to be.


Gain a New Perspective of the World

Travelling can be a very freeing or even enlightening experience, especially if you stay out of crowded tourist traps. Take the road less travelled that may introduce you to sights you have never seen as well as new friendly faces. There may be amazing places out there that could still challenge your perspective of the world just when you think you have become old enough to say that you have seen it all. All you need to do is keep your mind open and, of course, travel in a safe and smart way. Everything else will follow.


Keeps You Limber and Active

Exercise can become less of a priority the older you are. Many of us are so overwhelmed by our piles of work and responsibilities that you put off even taking a short brisk walk, sacrificing your overall health and well-being. What you may not realise is that this is exactly the reason for your declining youthful vigour, both in spirit and body. It is true that all of us inevitably slow down with age but the right amount of exercise may allow you to age more gracefully.

Travelling is precisely what you need in such cases.

When you travel, exploring new places around the world encourages you to exercise in a way that feels like less of an obligation. Of course, you should always seek advice from your doctor before booking that flight and planning that itinerary. If you have any existing medical conditions that may require you to stay away from strenuous activity, keep it all in moderation. There is no need for more extreme travels — just take it easy and stick to your own pace.


Your Kids Can Take Care of Themselves

The older you are, the more likely your kids are young adults who can fend for themselves without burning down the house. This is a major reason for why you are less likely to be too old to travel. Being older can, in fact, be the perfect excuse to pack your bags and finally be the jetsetter you have always dreamed of becoming while caring for your children. Even if you do choose to travel with your family, your fully grown kids do not have to be completely dependent on you anymore! They are now far more independent and capable of exploring the city on their own if you need to slow down, kick back, and relax.


Alternatively, Travel to Closer Destinations

Sometimes the ones you would be leaving behind are the ones, through no fault of their own, are the reason for why you feel reluctant to travel. With great age comes great responsibilities, such as elderly parents who may need you to come home on short notice for emergency reasons. You feel terrible for allowing yourself a break when they may need you at any moment. Put your mind at ease by travelling to a country or even somewhere local that you have not been to. That way, you could still unwind while still being able to return as quickly as possible if need be.

Besides, the closer you are to home, the less likely you would have to rack your brains while figuring out the differences in social norms and tells. Your tired, old soul gets to switch off.

Age is but a number. Unless your doctor personally advises you against it, there is no reason why you should refrain from spreading your wings and travelling the world.