Breakfasts That Will Keep You Satiated Till Lunch

The new year calls for a time of celebration where we take a break from work, our daily diet and consume all the Chinese New Year snacks. Some of us may have made new year resolutions to lose weight through various weight loss diet plans such as making adjustments to our meals, opting for healthier choices, or cutting our daily calories. If one of your weight loss plans encompasses around your breakfast by skipping it entirely or consuming the same cereal, perhaps it is time that you re-look into your diet plans. Breakfast is difficult to tackle as it is crucial in your weight loss efforts due to the energy it provides and how it helps to set your day right.

Nutrition experts have been going on about the importance of having a healthy breakfast, let alone skipping it altogether. Breakfast help us think and perform better in your job and supports our well-being. According to most nutrition experts, a good ballpark for your daily breakfast intake is approximately 400 calories. However, it is important to keep the quality of your calories in check rather than targeting to hit a certain number. Consider oatmeal, 100 percent whole-grain bread, fruits etc. which offers fiber to keep you full for longer periods as well as yogurt, eggs etc that contain proteins to prevent you from becoming hungry before lunch. Protein helps to increase your metabolism as the body faces more difficulty in breaking down and digesting it compared to other nutrients. Furthermore, it can help to increase post-meal calorie burn by up to 35 percent.

If you are wondering whether breakfast is all that necessary or you have been skipping breakfast due to busy mornings, continue reading this article further to understand the benefits of taking breakfast and some recommendations you may consider!


Is Breakfast Important?

Attention to all night owls, late risers, the importance of breakfast cannot be over-emphasized. Whether you like it or not, breakfast helps to kick start your metabolism and burn calories all through the day. By setting the tone right, breakfast promotes better memory, concentration, lower chances of developing diabetes, heart diseases and most importantly obesity. For individuals who consume breakfast regularly, they tend to lead healthier lifestyles due to these healthy habits.

The fasting and eating rhythm in your body goes haywire when you skip your daily breakfast as blood sugar that makes muscles and brain function is usually low. Instead, breakfast helps to replenish the low blood sugar levels. If your body is missing that fuel from food, you may feel out of energy, and there is a higher chance of overheating in the later parts of the day. Additionally, breakfast supplies your body with the necessary vitamins and nutrients from healthy foods such as grains, dairy, and fruits etc. Therefore, don’t commit the mistake of skipping breakfast as you may get so hungry causing you to snack on high-fat, high sugar foods.


Breakfast Tips To Keep You Full And Energized

1. Peanut Butter And Banana Sandwich

There is nothing more refreshing and delicious than a peanut butter spread. An excellent source of protein and nutrition, peanut butter helps you to shed off weight and keep it under control in the long run. By consuming nuts, it decreases the risk of metabolic syndrome. Furthermore, tree nuts and peanuts alleviate postprandial glycemic response (blood sugar changes after eating) and keep a person feeling fuller with dietary fibre. Coupled with bananas in your breakfast, they give you energy to kick-start your day instantly. Full of nutrients, potassium, fibre, and good carbohydrates, it boosts your metabolism, ensures that you are full for longer periods thus preventing you from snacking and reduces water retention to cope with bloating. (To enjoy the full benefits of peanut butter, consider limiting your daily intake to either a single serving or two tablespoons).

2. Cheesy Eggs On Toast

There is probably nothing more satisfying than having eggs filled with tomatoes, spinach, sprinkles of mozzarella and whole wheat toast. The omelet and toast combination is a healthy source of protein that ensures metabolism, energy levels are high and keep you full. Furthermore, amino acids that are available in eggs help to process protein and convert it into energy. Low in carbohydrate, mozzarella cheese helps in weight loss due to calcium, protein, and low calorie etc. Available at cafes or can be homemade at the comfort of your home, consider an omelet with 1 egg and 2 egg whites on top of 2 slices of whole wheat toast (Note: try not to spread any butter on it).

3. Waffle Sundae

Who says you can’t enjoy a dessert in your weight loss effort! If you are looking to sneak something sweet, consider a warm waffle and nice cool yogurt (go for a non-fat plain Greek yogurt) as it is typically higher in protein than regular low-fat yogurt and an excellent source of protein. Ready in less than 5 minutes, the waffle sundae can be eaten either in the morning or at night, after your dessert.