Dance Your Way to A Slimmer Waist

It is January 2019 and if your Christmas décor is still up, perhaps you should consider taking them down. In with the new, out with the old, they say, but despite the new year, the weight loss fever is here to stay. Yes, we all want to look slim, elegant and attractive but it seems like sweating it out in the gym is just not your cup of tea and by now, you must be muttering under your breath “enough with the dieting tips already”. If you are still feeling your way through 2019 in search for that one easy, effective and fun activity that will allow you to shed off the extra few pounds around your waistline, then you must certainly put your dancing shoes on and shake that booty all the way to Weight Loss Boulevard.

Dance is a form of art that has been practised and passed down generation after generation by our forefathers. Predominantly used as part of religious rituals, to express emotions or convey a message or story from within, dance has evolved with time, innovating itself into many complicated yet stylish movements in sync with complex rhythm and varying beats, and has turned itself into a form of entertainment for the general masses, a favourite pastime among the old, as well as a pleasing exercise routine for the young, wild and free.


The Different Forms of Dance

Dance workouts are getting all the attention these days, especially among the millennials. Dance classes of different genres are popping up like wild mushrooms here in sunny Singapore and seems to be one of the trending go-to exercises for the bulk of individuals who are looking to achieve their weight loss goals. It is no surprise that dance workouts are getting all the fad — not only is it an excellent form of workout routine that effectively burns calories in the process, it also takes the fun level two notches higher than your conventional fitness regime that involves the monotonous use of dumbbells and treadmills at your local community gym.

But before you break into a Moonwalk or grab your sporty grandmother for a quick cha-cha dance session in the living room, you should know that there are a variety of dance forms for you to choose from and depending on your stamina, strength, body structure and flexibility, certain types of dance may get you better results as compared to the others.

1. Freestyle

As the name suggests, this dance form allows you the freedom of moving your body spontaneously without having to focus any of your thoughts on specific dance movements or steps, which makes it by far the easiest of the many different dance forms and is suitable for all age groups. You can start freestyling your way on any music of your choice and increase the pace and swag of your movements whichever way you like and to your heart’s fullest content. Of course, it will tremendously help if you play fast-paced music that is likely to heighten up your energy level and tease you into dancing incessantly. Freestyle dancing not only aids in weight loss, but it also promotes flexibility of your muscles and limbs. Let your hair down and unleash the Para-Para Queen in you for at least thirty minutes each day to efficiently burn the extra calories. You can spice things up by getting your friends to come together and dance in a group to some thumping, fast-beat music.

2. Hip Hop

Hip-hop is a contemporary, street form of dance that made is popular in Hollywood movies like Step Up and Stomp The Yard. On your lucky night, you can catch glimpses of up-and-coming Chris Brown wannabes, basking in their fleeting five minutes of podium fame and showing off their slick hip-hop dance moves in your local nightclubs. This type of dance involves quick successions of movements that work your entire body and provides a form of intense workout that is beneficial for both novices and veterans. Oh, and here’s fun fact: hip-hop landed this given name as this dance is primarily driven by the hips and waist, and thereby, effectively firming and toning your abdominal area. Breaking into a hip-hop dance in the club for an hour will have you burn an approximate 250 calories, even though going crazy on a bar top with your heels on is likely to earn you more. Quite a conundrum, isn’t it?

3. Zumba

The most popular of the lot, Zumba is a good blend of rumba, salsa, hip-hop and merengue, giving you a much vigorous yet fabulous workout. There are presently a ton of Zumba classes offered by many chain gyms and independent personal trainers across the country, with the sole intention of getting the masses to enjoy and look forward to their workout instead of dreading it. Most of the movements are straightforward and the majority of them isolate your abdomen, arms and legs for further strengthening. Zumba has established itself to be one of the most demanding dance styles in the world and this aerobic workout has been proven to be highly effective for overall fitness.