Detox Program for a Beautiful You

You may not have given it a thought, but how well your body handles the contamination and impurities of this increasingly polluted world affects not just your health but your appearance as well. To maximise your looks on the outside, you need to minimise the toxins on the inside. To experience these improvements, why not try out a fast-working, cleansing, nourishing and beautifying program based on seasonal detoxification diets and organic foods, along with specific supplements and herbal teas?


Do You Really Need to Detox?

We are under constant siege from a staggering broadside of chemical, additives, drugs and pollutants in the environment. Everything we touch, taste, breathe and eat causes our main organ of detoxification — the liver — to overwork. If it becomes overwhelmed, a cascade of adverse health consequences will occur, which in turn, affects the quality of outer beauty.

Detoxifying has never been more pertinent or urgent than now in this new, toxic environment. The accumulation of poison and toxins in the liver, kidneys or intestinal tract can recirculate through bloodstream. As a result, your overall health and the health of your skin, hair and nails will suffer. Therefore, it is necessary for you to actively protect the body’s vital organs. In this modern era, we have to go deeper to create total beauty, and that means cleansing on the inside.


The Importance of Liver

The liver is the headquarters for internal biochemical activity, especially for detoxification. It works constantly to filter everything that enters the body — from the food we eat to the medication we take — and protects us from becoming poisoned.

If the liver becomes sluggish, the whole body can become affected. Women with sluggish livers tend to have more hormonal problems, PMS and difficulties during perimenopause and menopause. Some symptoms may occur throughout the year, while others intensify during a specific season of period of time.


Food for Healthier Appearance

Lean protein tops the list of food for a healthier appearance. Your skin, hair and nails are 98% protein. Without enough protein, you may experience hair loss, droopy facial muscles, wrinkles and weak nails. Protein is also critical for the production of the body’s ace antioxidant — glutathione. Glutathione is needed for vital enzymes that zap toxins, maintain energy levels and keep your blood sugar in balance.


The Detox Program

You may want to stick to the program for at least two weeks and choose to prolong it even longer once you have experienced the beautifying effects.

1. Lean Protein

Incorporate at least eight ounces of lean protein daily, such as eggs, fish, lamb, poultry, veal, pheasant and quail, or lactose-free whey and low carb legumes for vegetarians.

2. Vegetables

You can never have too many vegetables. Place most of your emphasis on fresh vegetables, especially the purifying, dark green, leafy ones like kale and parsley, which are high in chlorophyll, a cleaning agent. Load up your plates with artichokes, asparagus, bamboo shoots, beans (green, Italian and wax), broccoli, Brussels, sprouts, cabbage (bok choy, Chinese, green or red), celery, cauliflower, cucumbers, eggplant, greens (arugula, butter leaf, dandelion, endive, escarole, radicchio, romaine, spinach, kale, parsley, mustard greens and watercress), onions (Bermuda, chives, leeks, scallions and shallots), peppers, sprouts (clover, mung bean, radish and sunflower), squash, tomatoes and water chestnuts.

3. Fruits

You should have at least two whole full portions of fruits daily. Take a trip to your local grocery store and you will be spoilt for choices. If you are unsure of what to eat and its quantity, start off by choosing between apples, half an avocado, two medium apricots, half a grapefruit, one medium nectarine, one orange, two small plums or one and a half cup of strawberries after lunch and dinner.

4. Oil

Oil, such as organic flaxseed oil, is extremely beneficial to your body. You should consume one tablespoon of such oil one to two times daily.

5. Tea

There have been much studies and reports about the health benefits of tea, among which is its weight loss and detox ability. Sip on a cup of dandelion root tea daily to rid your body of harmful toxins.

6. Water

Nothing beats good old water. Chug down at least eight glasses of water a day — the more the better!

7. Beauty Elixir

Blend unsweetened cranberry juice with two teaspoons of a green superfood mixture. Both products are available in health food stores. The ingredients cleanse the urinary tract, help open up the liver’s detoxification channels, cleanse the lymphatic system and help to remove cellulite. You should drink this beauty elixir twice a day — once in the morning and the other before bedtime.


What to Do After the Detox

Continue with the dandelion tea and the elixir at least once a day. if your weight permits, add one to four servings of other high-fibre and purifying foods back into you eating plan, such as one cup of beets, half a cup of corn and sweet peas or half a cup of beans. You may also choose to add one or two servings of a cup of yogurt or half a cup of cottage cheese for a light lunch or snack.