Do Cheat Meals Really Work?

When you are dieting, you tend to form a habit of watching the food you eat. However, every now and then, you will set aside a day or two for the week to splurge on guilty pleasures. While it is considered a norm for most dieters to incorporate cheat meals into a diet plan, some may end up eating too many high-calorie foods that consist of snacks, fried foods and milkshakes, which literally cancels out half of your weekly calorie and exercise goals. However, cheat meals have successfully made its way into the mainstream diet culture through various media outlets such as social media and magazines.

Due to the rise in the obesity epidemic, this has piqued the interest in effective and fast weight loss methods among people who are interested in losing weight. With that said, cheat meals are something that could make weight loss easier. These plans allow you to reap significant benefits while sticking to a strict diet and exercise goal. In fact, these diet cheat plans almost always prosper during your weight loss efforts. Reason being, the occasional cheat meal is known to boost your metabolism and ward off any feelings of deprivation, which improve your ability to lose weight and ability to stick to a diet plan.

On the topic of cheat meals, it is the perfect solution to your dietary malaise. It is a meal where you can eat almost everything that you have been craving for and casting aside temporary notions of maintaining strict calorie counts and food restrictions. The goal of cheat meals is to get your fix, thereby reducing any further cravings that may threaten to disrupt your progress in the future.

If you want to lose weight and have made plans to include some cheat meals into your weight loss goals, continue reading this article to understand the benefits of cheat meals and whether it really works.


Benefits Of Cheat Meals

Tricky as it may sound, you can achieve a successful diet and weight loss plan by following a set of rules. Some days, you are able to function just fine with a meal that consists of chicken, vegetables and rice. Other days, you may feel an overwhelming urge and inability to resist eating an entire piece of pizza.

For those who are interested in losing weight, you are fortunate enough to be able to incorporate some motivation-saving cheat meals into any diet. However, there is always a right and a wrong way to do a cheat meal which can aid in your weight loss efforts. Doing it wrongly can undoubtedly hinder your overall weight loss goals.

If you are on a strict diet regime, you may have been longing for the coveted cheat meal, where even the most chiselled gym junkie would lose their mind sticking to a  strict diet regime for a period of time. To help you cope with your diet, you may consider a cheat meal that consists of cups of vegetables and chicken breasts. Not only does it make your diet seem more feasible psychologically, but a cheat meal also prevents you from loading up on junk food.

As a matter of fact, a cheat meal acts as a psychological reward. It helps you to keep a healthy lifestyle day in and out and prevents you from becoming mundane. Therefore, knowing that a cheat day is coming could help you stay motivated.

Besides the mental benefit, an occasional cheat meal can trigger leptin, a protein produced by fat tissue which aids in regulating body weight and fat mass. Ultimately, this will impact your appetite and energy balance in the body.


Do Cheat Meals Really Work?

1. Cheat Meals Add Variety

When you are dieting, it makes more sense to base the majority of your diet around foods that consists of relatively few calories per gram and have high levels of either protein or fibre. Reason being, these foods can help to keep you fuller for longer periods whereas more energy-dense foods such as sweets and fast foods which mainly makes up of cheat meals are considered less satisfying. In fact, setting a limit on the intake of certain foods can make it much easier for you to keep to your weight loss plan. If you are planning to include a cheat meal to your weekly meal plan, you will be allowed to work in foods that you may have sorely miss or temporarily restricted yourself to. Alternatively, you may consider a diet strategy that consists of “food substitutes”, which creates lower calorie versions of your favourite cheat meals. Some examples of it include vegetables, protein powders and yoghurts.

2. Cheat Meals Give You Something To Look Forward

It is undeniable that fat loss diets will require a level of discipline and attention to detail, where the majority of your friends, family and colleagues may find it difficult to understand. Not only will it be difficult to sustain a cheat meal indefinitely, but it usually lasts for a relatively short period of time and requires you to have a sustainable and highly focused approach. Therefore, scheduling cheat meals in advance can put the brakes on long periods of dieting, which can make it more manageable and provide you with something to look forward to.