Does The Whole30 Trump Over The Keto Diet?

In the interest of losing weight fast, some people have turned to fad diets that exclude certain food groups from your meals. The keto diet is one of them as it forces dieters to cut down on carbohydrates in place of fats. Although avoiding entire food groups might yield promising results in the short-term especially when dieters start seeing a few pounds being shaved off in the process, they more often than not return and put us back to square one. When this happens, dieters are forced to pick between one of two choices, either to continue the vicious cycle of dieting once again or to give up on the diet in its entirety.

To be fair, both alternatives are no better than the other since they can put long-term damage on our heart and in some cases, might even lead to an early death. Another alternative diet that has recently emerged is the Whole30 diet and that is a diet that doesn’t impose any restrictions on food groups with the exception of certain types of food that are unhealthy. Think of it as a little bit like a food cleanse that bans certain food like alcohol, processed snacks and desserts.


What Is The Keto Diet?

What the keto diet does is to force people to cut down on their carbohydrate intake and increase significantly their fat intake. What it aims to do is to motivate the body to enter into the ketosis state, in which the body burns fat instead of carbohydrates for fuel. For that to happen, this means those following the keto diet would have to eat less than 30 grams of carbohydrates a day and that also includes sugar like those found naturally in fruits and vegetables.

Because of that, some practitioners of the keto diet have to avoid food like milk, apples and even carrots among many others. While you might disregard it as a little sacrifice for the greater good, this means it is much harder to achieve variation when it comes to your meals and that could lead to the complete exclusions of a few food groups from our diet. This is detrimental to our health as the cutting of certain food groups from our diets could mean we don’t get all the nutrition that our body requires for sustenance.


Why The Whole30 Diet Is Better

If you have been following the keto diet, the Whole30 diet would be a step up nutrition-wise while ensuring you limit the amount of harmful stuff that could derail your weight-loss journey. What the Whole30 diet aims to do is to reestablish your relationship with food and it functions much like a factory reset on your diet to remove all the processed food, grain, sugar, bread and dessert for a month. Instead what goes into its place is an emphasis on more home-cooked meals which consist mostly of meat, eggs, fish, fruit and vegetables. Following the food ban that lasts over the course of the month, you can slowly start reintroducing these foods one a day to determine which food are more problematic for you, be it a food allergy or even food sensitivity. If you don’t feel the urge to reintroduce a particular food back like potato chips, kudos to you and you might just come out of the 30 days feeling much better!


Is there A Better Diet?

Between the Whole30 diet and the keto diet, it is quite clearly going to swing in the favour of Whole30 diet because of how you are limiting those harmful foods from your daily meals. But if you are comparing the Whole30 diet with the other ones out there, there might be reasons to believe that it might fall short considering how it still restricts certain food items like whole grains, legumes and soy. Food like whole grains and beans are actually really important in filling you up with dietary fibre and that is what would keep you staying satiated until your next meal. Let’s not forget how fibre is helpful in maintaining your immune system and reducing the inflammation in the body to reduce the likelihood of disease and cancer.

That leads us to our next point on how there are diets that are better than the Whole30 diet like a plant-based diet for one. Nutritionists have uncovered how a diet that balances fruits, vegetables, proteins, fats and whole grains will keep you full and energised throughout the day. This would also mean you are less likely to overeat as well and that would keep the extra pounds off as well.


Final Note

Diets are one of the many components that you would need to fulfil for weight loss to happen, others like exercise, elimination of stress and even a full night of rest are needed to help with weight loss. Different diets have their own unique points about them, a juice-cleanse for one could eliminate the toxins in your body to prevent acne outbreaks while the switch to a plant-based diet might see you feeling much more aware and improve your concentration. As a final roundup, there is no one-fits-all diet that is regarded as the most beneficial, the trick here is to see which one suits you the best and to move on from there.

Some nutritionists believe that there are diets that are better than the Whole30 diet like a plant-based diet for one.