Easy Snacks Swaps Hacks For You

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to munch on something every time you feel peckish without gaining weight? If like many of us, you have the tendency to snack before and/or after meals, you will probably want to give this little snack swap guide a go and work it in your diet or betterment of eating plans. Well, nobody is saying that you have got to stop eating every 20 minutes but there is a way to make it relatively healthy and benefit from it too. Read on to find out how!


Swap Sweets For Fresh Produce

Instead of reaching for a bar of chocolate, a pack of biscuits or a muffin, have some cut fruits and vegetable. Simply pack some and bring them along with you. If you would like to, you can consider bulk processing them like meal prepping and have them portioned out in containers for a few days ahead. For fruits that turn brown easily after slicing, like apples, give them a quick soak in salt water and remove before packing. Doing just that will slow down the rate of oxidation. Alternatively, you can freeze them too. If you find it a hassle to prep, options like cherries, grapes, blueberries, baby carrots, celery, and bananas may be your way around it. There is always a lazy man’s option to reap the same benefits, so no excuses for this.


Swap White For Wholemeal

You probably already know. Wholemeal options of bread, noodles, cereal and biscuits contain more vitamins and minerals that the white and refined versions. They usually contain fewer preservatives than the refined option too. So the next time you are shopping for your snacks, pick one that is of wholemeal or contain oats and seeds for a healthier option that can keep you fuller for a longer period of time.


Swap Milk Chocolate To Dark

There are many great benefits to eating chocolates. The flavonoids in chocolate are great for forestalling the signs of ageing and fending off free radicals. Plus, a block of dark chocolate can help release endorphins in your brain to help stimulate happy vibes. The catch here, though, is that it ought to be dark chocolate with more than 75% Cacao to reap the great benefits. However, we know that it is not easy to do a major switch overnight. So take baby steps to achieve this by giving dark chocolate a try and then, increasing the cacao content percentage as you go along.


Swap Soft Drinks To Fruit Tea

You may be picking up a can of soda sole for the purpose of enjoying a cold, carbonated and flavoured drink. Identify if it is the carbonated or flavour factor that tempts you to grab the can and make the switch as follow. If it is some bubbly that you are looking for, try sparkling water or adding it to half your cup of juice. If it is the latter, try fruit tea which can provide you with flavour and also the sweet smelling scent that makes a sweet drink desirable without the sugar.

Up this swap game for vitamins and minerals packed fruit infused water which can bring a whole lot more of health benefits to you.


Swap Ice-cream To Froyo

If you have yet to try frozen yoghurt, give it a go! It is delicious with a lovely tart flavour. Cut back on your fat and sugar intake with the plain yoghurt flavour. Top it with fresh fruits and granola to make a simple parfait.

You may also like to freeze some fruits like banana and honeydew and blitz them in a food processor. This is a great creamy alternative for ice-cream without the calories if you are concern about the amount of sugar in a froyo.

Love your cold sweet treat on a stick? Make fresh fruit juice popsicles for a refreshing and delicious treat.


Swap Cereal To Granola

Skip that sugary cereal and grab yourself some granola. Better yet, mix your own to know exactly what goes into those crunchy clusters. Think nuts, flaxseed, chia seeds, rolled oats, coconut flakes, chocolate bits, dried fruits and a touch of cinnamon or nutmeg. You can even turn the granola into a boost of energy in the form of bars or balls by combing them with a binding agent like mashed red dates.


Swap Potato Chips To Vegetable Chips or Nuts

Trade your potato chips to vegetable chips or a trail mix of your favourite nuts and dried fruits for a way healthier option. Reducing fat, sugar and sodium, keeping your waistline trimmed and your general health in check! But seriously, who could stop at one after starting on a salty, crispy potato chip? They are just so addictive, right? If you feel that they are irreplaceable, try the lower fat and reduced salt options.