Fitness Hack 101: Weight Loss Motivation

Losing weight and being healthy is not merely a number play. In fact, there is a multitude of factors that can affect your health and weight loss equation. And even if you know perfectly well how to lose weight, finding enough motivation to take the plunge and execute it is a different ball game altogether. If you have been in the rut or procrastinating for months or even years on end, keep reading and allow us to share with you’re a couple of motivational tips to get the change in you going.


Find Your Why

As with any goal, your weight loss motivation journey should start with you asking yourself why you want to shed this amount of pounds off in the first place. It may be because you want to fit into your favourite pair of old jeans again, to have more energy to keep up with your hyperactive children or to tackle existing health problems, such as your peaking cholesterol levels, and avoid potential ones.

Whatever the reason may be, it is important that you find your very own “why” and continue to persistently remind yourself about that “why” every single day. When you are crystal clear on your purpose and your reasoning is well-defined, the likelihood of you becoming more motivated and adopting a positive mental mindset takes a massive boost. While the ideals of long-term health benefits and perks may appeal to some, others need to see and experience for themselves instant payoff and immediate results. If you happen to fall under this category, try to imagine and visualise how amazing your body will feel after a great intense workout or after a full day of eating clean — and this can definitely be your “why” too!


Pen Down Your Goals

Several studies have shown that you are more likely to achieve your goals and targets if you were to pen down in black and white as compared to you merely making a mental note in your head, so go grab yourself a pen or a marker even and start jotting down your goal. And while you are at it, define your goals precisely, be specific and pay attention to the details — how much weight are you planning in shedding, how do you plan to lose it and how long is the timeline that you are planning to set for yourself.

If this is your debut weight loss attempt, you may want to set for yourself goals like hitting the gym twice a week for strength training and going for a swim twice a week to clock in your cardio, or eliminating your sugary bites and other sinful beverages completely from your diet or opting to fill three-quarter of your plate with vegetables at every meal time. These are all legit and realistic targets to set for yourself if you are looking to lose weight. Moreover, coming head-to-head with your weight loss quest one goal at a time makes your entire journey more manageable and bearable.


Seek Out Like-Minded Friends

Attempting to walk down the path of the iron-willed is never easy. Having to skip the fun late-night weekend catch-up session with your girls or having to pass on parties and the sumptuous food and drinks that come with it can be isolating and depressing if none of your friends understands. More often than not, it is social dilemmas like these that cause many new health newbies to lose interest and their motivation in their attempts to lose weight.

This is why finding and associating yourself with like-minded individuals is highly imperative, especially if you are just starting out, to gain the much-needed support and encouragement to spur you on. Enrol yourself in a Zumba class, engage the services of a personal trainer, join an online fitness community or get your best buddy to be your workout partner — anyone who shares the same fitness passion and health priorities as you do. Embarking on a positive change can take you down to lonely roads at times, but with a steady and robust backbone support, it makes the entire experience less scary as you know that you do not have to hurdle through these setbacks, hindrances and challenges on your own.


Love Yourself

To be mentally focused on your goal is always great, but holding back on your own approval thinking you are not worth it or good enough until you start seeing results is never a good idea. Remember that self-love starts and ends with you and believe us when we tell you that no amount of numbers that is reflected off the weighing scale can provide you with an internal validation for you to believe in your own self-worth. No matter how big or small you are, flawless skin or not, embrace every inch of your beautiful self today instead of waiting for you to reach your ideal weight because self-loathing is never a good motivation.

Always tell yourself that you are good enough and live each day believing it. Love yourself for the beautiful person that you are and treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated. With the right mindset and mental motivation, along with your will to stay fit, you may just transform into a better and healthier person than ever before.