Get Buttery Skin in 5 Easy Steps

First came glass skin. Then yoga skin. Now, let’s say hello to buttery skin!

Coined by makeup artist, Isabelle De Vries, buttery skin is the latest makeup trend sweeping through Instagram. Similar to glass skin, which aims to achieve an uber-luminous complexion, almost as if it is transparent, just like glass, buttery skin is all about healthy, glowing skin too.

However, the difference between these two trends lies in the technique used to achieve that coveted glow. While glass skin emphasises more on having a good skincare routine to get a radiant complexion, buttery skin relies on makeup to achieve the same result. Plus, glass skin lends a plump look to your complexion, while buttery skin mimics the smooth texture and sheen of butter.

Excited to try out the buttery skin trend on yourself? Just follow along to the steps below to get started:


Step One: Prep Your Skin

Hydration is essential when you wish to achieve buttery skin, so if you have a drier skin type, make sure to prep your skin well with products containing rich, emollient ingredients. But, before you start providing your skin with all the hydration, you will need to exfoliate your skin to get rid of any dry patches. You can use a chemical exfoliator like an alpha hydroxy acid (e.g. glycolic acid, mandelic acid, lactic acid) or a beta hydroxy acid (salicylic acid). This will help remove any buildup of dead cells on your skin too, thus revealing a more radiant complexion.

Adding moisture back into your skin after exfoliating is extremely important as your skin can become slightly drier after it has been exfoliated. If you feel like your skin requires extra hydration, apply a moisturising face mask that contains emollient ingredients like coconut oil and shea butter. Look out for masks with hyaluronic acid as well because this ingredient has the ability to pull moisture from the surrounding environment, thus increasing the level of hydration of your skin.


Step Two: Prime Your Skin

Priming your skin does not only serve the purpose of ensuring your makeup stays on for a longer period of time, but also to add more radiance to get you one step closer to achieving buttery skin. Make sure to apply an illuminating primer and dot it on the high points of your face such as the bridge of your nose, cheekbones and temples. Then, blend the primer into your skin and smooth it onto the rest of your face. Doing this ensures most of the primer is focused on the areas of your face where the sun will naturally hit, thus enhancing the radiance of your skin even more. A side note: if you have large pores, apply a pore-minimising primer prior to the illuminating primer to smooth your skin out.


Step Three: Apply a Dewy Foundation

Of course, if you want to achieve extremely glowing skin, going for a dewy foundation is definitely a must. In terms of the application tool, opt for a damp makeup sponge rather than a brush to apply the foundation as the former will provide a more natural-looking finish. Your fingers would work just as well too as the heat will warm up the foundation and help it melt into the skin more seamlessly.

If you do not have a dewy foundation, fret not! A clever trick to add luminosity to a matte foundation is by mixing a few drops of liquid highlighter. Then, use your fingers and press the foundation gently into your skin.


Step Four: Colour and Highlight Your Cheeks

Once your base is done, you will need to add colour back into your skin, or else your complexion might look flat and dull. Opt for a cream blush rather than a powder one as the former will give you a natural-looking rosy complexion. Again, use your fingers to pat the blush on your cheeks and blend it outwards towards your temples.

For highlight, a cream highlighter is the way to go as a powder one will look too obviously makeup-y on your skin. Dab it on your cheekbones and blend it out with your fingers until it has melted in with the rest of your foundation. If you still see any harsh edges after blending your blush and highlight, go in with a damp makeup sponge and gently go over the edges to soften them up.


Step Five: Balm and Mist

Now, this step is possibly the most important one for you to achieve truly buttery skin. With a clear lip balm, dab it liberally on your cheekbones to add a lit-from-within glow. If you want more glow, add a bit of the balm to your eyelids as well. And to finish off, apply a dewy setting spray all over your face to give your skin an extra glow.