Going Back To Basics For Your Diet

With the abundance of restaurants, cafes that have sprung in Singapore in recent years, like many, you would probably have indulged in the pleasures of consuming and trying out the foods offered by the new places. If you feel any guilt, this brand new year presents an opportunity to start off with a clean slate. Perhaps getting straight to the basic problems in a diet can help you find out more on what you can do to put a halt to gaining unwanted weight. To start you off, a back to basics diet may be resourceful to boost your journey to achieve a better shape and benefit you in the long run!


The Fundamentals Of Weight Gain

A reason why the majority of us gain weight is due to high consumption calorie amounts and low daily movements count. As we are unable to burn the excess calories over a period of time, they will continue accumulating and this will lead to fat depositions. In certain cases, weight gain could be caused by a pre-existing health condition.


As we age, our muscles tend to become less efficient in burning calories which can lead to a loss in muscle mass. Weight gain is also attributed to reduced physical activity and consuming the same amount of food and drinks. Thus, to counteract the gain in weight, stay active and work in some time to engage in physical activities like brisk walking, jogging, swimming, yoga and more.

Mood Swings And Stress

Stress, pressure from our peers, colleagues and relationship may cause some people to lose or gain weight. For those who tend to eat more than they should and not working the calories off when facing these emotions will find themselves gaining weight. It may make them feel upset and a vicious cycle of turning to food as a mechanism of overcoming depression may lead to further weight gain and other forms of health issues. If going on an eating spree is your way of overcoming low morale, consider some modes of distraction involving physical activities such as exercising, jogging with a friend, signing up to gym classes or something as simple as walking along the streets or park. All these modes of physical activity will raise one’s morale and may even be stress relievers.

Insufficient Rest

With reduced hours of sleep, this may cause one to feel hungrier as they snack away in order to keep themselves awake. Snacking with no increase in physical activity count means that you are burning fewer calories. Try making some simple lifestyle changes in order to get quality sleep like keeping to regular sleeping hours so that your body is programmed to feel tired. Similarly, ensure that your bedroom is free from distractions like blue lights and noise. Try to reduce caffeine, have lighter meals before sleep, and relieve tension accumulated during the day in order to get quality sleep.


Back To Basics Diet

Genetics and various health issues shaped the way our bodies behave. Our bodies are distinctively different and have varied responses to certain foods. Thus, this will require time, patience and experimentation to understand the food we should be eating and how our bodies react.

As there are no “one size fits all” solution to weight loss, so stick to a diet that works for you! If the diet plan proves to be too restrictive or you do not see your desired results in a reasonable amount of time, consider switching it to one that suits you best.

Reduce Your Calories

Spearheading the back to basics diet is the method of reducing your calories intake. Adopting this approach may help decrease your weight in the initial stages but to maintain your weight after reaching your goal requires you to upkeep with your metabolism rate and hydration too. Ballooning back up right after reaching your ideal weight after a crash diet would not be ideal, so take it slow and steady as you cut back on high-calorie food. Swap them out for healthier options like vegetables and fruits, which most of them are almost zero calorie (and packed with heaps of vitamins and minerals that are great for your body) when eaten without additional seasoning or dressing.

Reduce Your Carbs

Consider replacing a portion of your carbohydrate intake with protein and fat consisting of lean meats, fish, non-starchy vegetables. They are great alternatives to reduce the amount of insulin and can help you manage your blood sugar levels, keeping the readings and energy levels away from a rollercoaster ride graph.  Apart from reducing that stubborn belly fat, this swap will leave you feeling healthier and more energetic.

Find Alternatives To Emotional Eating

Finally, consider turning to release negative emotions by exercising to help in weight loss, especially in times of stress. Try taking 30 minutes off your busy schedule daily to sweat it out in a variety of choices like yoga, climbing the stairs, jogging in the park.


Staying Motivated

Losing weight requires dedication and motivation. As every one of us responds differently to different kinds of motivation, it is essential that we discover what drives us. If you still face troubles coping with weight management, do not hesitate to seek professional help or an expert as they may provide you with what you need to unlock the success to your weight loss.