Here Are 4 Easy-To-Digest Food For Better Health

This is something we may not wish to openly admit but there are days when our stomach churns and aches from digestive issues. Because of how extensive our digestive system is from our mouth all the way to our rectum, it is hard to nail down what is primarily responsible for our stomach woes — it could be a bad batch of cookies, an overly acidic stomach or even food allergies, but what you could do to avoid a streak of digestive issues is to turn to food that your stomach can digest with ease. Those who suffer from chronic digestive issues like irritable bowel syndrome and Crohn’s disease should pay twice as much attention to this article since it could save you from spending your afternoons on the potty.


Why Are Some Foods Easier To Digest?

First and foremost, digestion begins from our mouths when we chew and grind our food with our teeth. From there, it travels down through our digestive system like our stomach, small intestine and colon where the food is broken down slowly. For these foods to break down, our body self-generates enzymes and acids for the food particles to dissolve into smaller bits which helps the nutrients to be released into our bloodstream. When we talk about foods that are harder to digest, it is not that they are impossible to digest, but it is that they take a longer time to digest it. While our digestive system may be competent in processing the food and absorbing the nutrients, some food like those that are rich in fibre and fat take a much longer time to digest and stays in our stomach for an extended period of time. The downside to that is those nasty and embarrassing side effects like bloating, gas and heartburn. Thankfully, there are certain foods out there that would be good in dealing with your digestive woes.


4 Easy-To-Digest Food

If you are looking towards a week free of digestive issues, you should look for food that can be easily digested by your system. As a general thumb of rule, those that are easily digested would be simple carbs that do not have much fibre or protein-rich food without much carbohydrates in them. Read on to discover four types of food that would be easy to digest.


Due to how rice contains mostly carbohydrates, a bowl of white rice would be a breeze for your stomach. Brown rice, on the other hand, would not go well with your digestive system since it contains much more fibre that would slow down the digestion process. Despite being the healthier choice, the nutritious and fibrous bits of the grain like the bran and germ would slow down the process. When it comes to white rice, there is less fibre within it and that makes the conversion to sugar that much faster. A fact that not many know is that rice that is cooled actually cause the starch in rice to be transformed into resistant starch. That means it is less likely to be digested since it is resistant to the digestive process. If you enjoy white rice, remember to have your rice warm just when it leaves your rice cooker before it turns cool. Lastly, if you are concerned over how eating white rice could cause muffin tops, you could always limit your portions to ensure you do not overeat.

Lean Meat

When it comes to meat, what we should be looking out for easier digestion is lean meats like chicken and turkey. Since they contain a whole lot of protein, they would definitely go down your digestive system better as compared to the other meats. Something that you could do to smoothen the digestive process is to remove the skin off before eating since the layer of fat would be much harder to digest as compared to protein. The same can be said about meats that are fried (be it pan-fried or deep-fried) since the fat involved can turn your stomach (and smile) upside down.

Boiled Potatoes

Another carbohydrate that would be smooth-sailing for your digestive system would be boiled potatoes. Because of the cooking process of boiling, the resistant starch in raw potatoes that makes about a fifth of their weight is transformed into something much more digestible. If you are looking to fill yourself up over lunch, remember to go for boiled potatoes over the greasy fat-filled potato-derived options like rosti and french fries. Similar to rice, when boiled potatoes are cooled, the resistant starch in them increases and your digestive system would find it much harder to digest them.


Because of the probiotics in yoghurt, they are highly recommended since they have been found to be beneficial for our health. Probiotics are what keeps our gut bacteria happy and healthy and they have been found to be important to our digestive health and the maintaining of immune function. For those with digestive issues, yoghurt could protect you from getting the runs since it is rich in antibiotics. Since yoghurt is a dairy product, it may not be suitable for everyone and it could very easily cause a stomachache for those who are lactose intolerant.