Home Exercises To Reduce Arm Fats

Every one of us has our own set of upper body goals from toned arms and shoulders with some desiring for biceps that are Instagram-worthy, while others want to look great in a sleeveless top. Whether your goal is to strengthen, add size to your arms, or shed some fat in order to enhance the appearance of your hidden arm muscles, chances are you have found it difficult to lose fats on your arms.

In this day and age where working hours and expectations at work are longer and higher than ever before, we tend to have difficulty in coping with proper time management which includes taking time out to exercise at the gym, having fast foods etc. As this poor lifestyle habit persists over a period of time, we will put on weight unknowingly leading to weight gain across all parts of our body especially our arms. With excessive weight gain, this may cause us to develop health issues such as heart diseases etc apart from its appearance.

Regardless your reasons, having a good, healthy balanced diet as well as staying hydrated coupled with some resistance exercise is the key to blasting those unsightly underarm fats which can help to strengthen, shape and tone your muscles.

If you are currently making efforts to lose fats on your arms, we will be sharing with you some diet and exercise tips which you can do at the comfort of your home to achieve those lean and toned arms in no time which does not require you to splurge on workout sessions at some fancy, expensive gym!


Understand Your Arm Muscle Anatomy

While there are certain workouts targeted for different parts of the body and muscle group, there is no single exercise that burns off fat from a specific part of the body which is commonly referred to as “spot reduce”. However, that does not mean that you cannot lose weight on your arms and the rest of your body. By combining workouts for your arms and the rest of your body, you can increase your rate, strengthen your arms, and reduce body fat.

If you desire to tone up or build muscles, consider focusing on your biceps and triceps as they are the areas which will show a noticeable difference in size faster than other parts of the body, guarantees that you will have a balanced body, healthy posture, allows normal body motion as well as the prevention of injuries. For the muscles in your biceps, it aids flexion and provides support for your back muscles when you are performing back exercises while the triceps are responsible for elbow joint extension and works together with pectoral muscles leaving you with a stronger, toned chest.

In a nutshell, the number of calories you consume, store and burn will determine your overall weight. When you gain weight, your arms tend to become fat compared to other parts of the body as you burn fewer calories than you consume.


At Home Exercises For Lean And Toned Arms

1. Bodyweight Exercises

Why do you need a gym when you can do all those bodyweight exercises on the living room floor! Bodyweight exercises do not require any machinery or extra equipment and are a simple and effective way of improving your balance, strength, and flexibility. From exercises such as inchworms, plank to push-up, dips, incline push-ups etc., consider performing this entire circuit can be at least 3 – 4 times by executing them in a controlled and slow manner as a proper form allows you to see optimal results and prevents injuries.

2. Arm Workouts With Dumbbells

Definitely more affordable than visiting the gym which will set you back a couple of hundreds per month, investing in a set of dumbbells essentially allows you to work your upper body as it focuses on the biceps, triceps, shoulders and most importantly your arms. Consider some dumbbell workouts which include bicep curls, overhead tricep extension, lateral raises, bent-over row, standing tricep kickbacks etc. and repeat them for at least 3 – 4 times. Though these exercises are working your arms, it also covers areas such as your chest and back. Therefore, it is important to keep your core tight and engage during your workouts to improve stability and strength.

3. Increase The Intensity Of Your Workout

If you are feeling up for a challenge, consider aiming for more repetitions without having to increase the dumbbell weight. If you want to have a set of well-defined and toned arms, increase your reps gradually to 6 – 12 for movements which require more overall muscle (e.g rows, pushups, presses, pulldowns etc.) and 8 – 20 reps for movements that are more focused (e.g tricep press-downs, curls etc.).

4. Adopt A Well-Balanced Diet

In order to meet your goals, you will need to fuel your workouts with the right nutrition, help you during your recovery period and achieve those lean and toned arms.  If all the workouts are not helping you to reach your muscle goals, you should consider making some changes to your diet. To build more muscle, you will have to consume more calories than you burn in order to see effective results. For a lean body and fat loss goals, the calories you burn should be more than your calorie consumption levels per day. Consider a diet rich in protein such as eggs, meat, fishes, dairy etc. to achieve successful weight loss and arm fat goals.