Home Remedies For Your Dark Circles

When someone comments that you have eyes that look like a panda, it may trigger you to go into a frantic search for a solution to those pesky dark circles. Dark circles usually happen when the skin underneath the eye area becomes darker in colour. The dark circles are related to a variety of problems such as changes to an individual’s blood vessel to hyperpigmentation. In some cases, we may be plagued with dark circles due to age or allergies. In fact, dark circles can make a person look older than their actual age.

Though dark circles do not necessarily indicate or raise any health problems, this condition does have a psychological impact on your appearance, in particular how people view you and the impression others get when they see you. Despite reminders and warnings not to make first impressions from an individual’s appearance, the reality is that the majority of people does it.

If you are worried those dark circles will haunt you for long, don’t be. Keep reading this article to find out some useful home remedies that can help you get rid of those pesky dark circles for good. Some of the home remedies below will be easy but others may be a bit more challenging. However, you will definitely feel rewarded once you see the result as you will no longer look as tired or worn-out.


Thin Skin & Colour Of Your Blood

There are a number of reasons for the appearance of your dark circles, but they all begin with the contrast in the thickness of skin around the eyes, which is referred to as the periorbital area. For most parts of your body, the skin is approximately 2—3 millimetres (mm) thick whereas the skin under the eyes is typically 0.5mm in thickness.

As the skin under the eyes is thinner compared to the rest of the body, the blood vessels around the eyes are more visible and produce a different colour to your skin. The subcutaneous tissue, which consists of your skin and tissue that is directly underneath the outer layer of your skin only allows blue or violet wavelength to pass through. This leaves your veins appearing bluish as there is only blue light reflected back. For individuals with darker or fairer skin, the reflected colour will be different. In the former case, the veins will appear brown or dark green in colour while the latter will be dark purple or dark red.

The above is just one of the reasons dark circles appear underneath your eyes, but you are more likely to see a bluish hint of blood vessels just underneath your eyes as compared to other parts of your body. Furthermore, your skin will lose collagen and elasticity as you age leading to thinner skin and more prominent circles as a result.


Home Remedies To Relieve Undereye Circles And Darkness

1. Put A Pillow Under Your Knees

Many of us have poor or bad sleeping postures, some of us sleep on our stomachs while others sleep sideways on our arms. However, sleeping on our stomachs give the blood in our body a chance to pool towards the front of our body and this includes areas like our eye sockets. This manner of sleeping can be a big culprit of dark undereye circles. Therefore, consider placing a large pillow under your knees to counteract the poor sleeping postures. Alternatively, you may consider using little pillows and place them on the sides of your face. By doing so, you can prevent yourself from tossing and turning onto your stomach in the middle of the night.

2. Take Fish Oil

To improve blood circulation, consider taking fish oil that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. When you take a dose of fish oil, it goes straight to the blood. In capsule form, the effect will take slightly longer to reach the place that you want it to go. When the blood moves smoothly throughout the body, the chances of blood pooling under the eye area is lesser. If you are unable to put up with the aftertaste of the fish, look for fish oil with lemon to take the edge off.

3. Eat Hard-Boiled Egg

Remember the time when you hurt or bruised your eye, and your mom frantically boiled and placed the hard-boiled egg on it? There could be some logic and science to this age-old tradition after all. Hard-boiled eggs are rich in iron and can prevent blood from carrying sufficient oxygen to the eye tissues. If you want to eat hard-boiled eggs, consider trying them before or after a night out with your friends or work to keep those fatigued eyes at bay.

4. Place Chilled Tea Bags

When there is excess fluid in the connective tissue under the eyes, it can result in undereye circles or puffiness. Therefore, it may be best for you to use a white or black tea bag to remedy it. The tea bags contain caffeine, capable of shrinking blood vessels underneath the skin, which will also reduce swelling and puffiness. By doing so, it can help to eliminate the dark circles.