Home Treatments For Skin Lightening – Part 1

Have you been seeing spots lately? No, not in your vision, but on your skin. Dark spots are a common sign of premature ageing, and they commonly appear on the facial areas as you get older.

There are more causes of dark spots — stress from your busy schedule, pollution in the environment, those damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun, and even poor dietary habits can harm your delicate skin and cause these blotchy, uneven skin tone spots to form. And dark spots are not the only problem — your skin, in general, will gradually look duller and lose its lustre if you don’t do anything to stop it.

What can you do if you want to remain spot-free and have clear, radiant, and youthful-looking skin? Of course, there are many beauty products out there that can help you to reduce the appearance of dark spots and keep your skin looking young and bright, though that means you’ll have to spend more money. But what if I told you there are things in your kitchen that can help to lighten your dark spots and even out your skin tone?

Indeed, there are quite a few recipes and combinations you can make with simple, everyday ingredients that can work on your skin both naturally and effectively. Here are some of the best skin lightening treatments you can make yourself at home.


Papaya And Honey Face Pack

You might know of papaya as a tasty fruit that works great as a healthy snack, but did you know it is also very effective at lightening skin when applied directly? Papaya contains various enzymes such as papain and alpha hydroxy acids that are able to break down dead skin cells and other impurities that can build up on the skin over time, such as dark spots. The antioxidants within are also able to fight off cell-damaging free radicals, which will leave you with radiant and glowing skin. Combine that with some raw honey, which is a superb natural moisturizer for the skin, and you have yourself a nifty face mask that lightens the skin while nourishing it at the same time.

It’s fairly simple to prepare as well — all you will need is half a cup of freshly cut papaya pieces and a single teaspoon of honey. Begin by mashing the papaya pieces until a smooth and thick paste forms, then add honey to the paste and mix it in well. Once done, apply the paste to your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes. Wash off the paste with warm water first, before rinsing again with cold water. You can do this treatment every night before you go to bed, and it works best for people with oily to normal skin.


Dried Orange Peel And Yoghurt Face Mask

The next time you peel yourself an orange, don’t throw the peel away — it can be used in your skincare routine! Orange peel has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which makes it ideal for treating skin conditions like acne. It also works well as a skin lightening agent, and it is particularly good for getting rid of spots on the face, as well as general skin pigmentation issues. Yoghurt is also effective at keeping your skin looking young, with the lactic acid helping to dissolve dead skin cells and keep your pores tight. Mix these two ingredients together and you will have yourself a potent and effective face mask.

To dry any orange peels you have, leaving them in the sun for two to three days should be sufficient. You will know they are ready when they are crisp, and if they are, grind them up into a fine powder. Grab a tablespoon of yoghurt and mix it together with a tablespoon of the orange peel powder to make a paste. Cleanse your face and apply the paste onto your skin, and keep it there for about 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water. This works for all skin types, though you should only do this every alternate day.


Milk, Lemon Juice, And Honey Face Mask

This odd yet effective mixture is not only great at lightening up your skin tone but also keeps it looking young and fresh. Milk contains lactic acid, which is able to reduce pigmentation problems, hydrate and heal dry skin, and it even helps to soothe acne breakouts. Lemon juice contains high amounts of Vitamin C and citric acid, which are both effective at brightening and lightening skin, as well as antioxidants that fight off free radicals. Raw honey is a natural moisturizer and can soothe irritated skin, and the antioxidants within are also able to heal damaged and scarred skin.

Combining all these amazing natural ingredients together, you can make a relatively cheap yet extremely effective solution to your skin’s woes. Mix a tablespoon of milk and a tablespoon of lemon with a teaspoon of honey, and stir well so they all blend together nicely. Once that is done, apply the paste to your face and let it sit for 20 minutes, before rinsing off with warm water. This will leave you with well-hydrated and nourished skin, and over time, your skin will gain its lustre back.