How Can You Make Your Morning Cuppa Healthy?

For some of us, life stops at a standstill if we do not get our morning hit of caffeine right after we wake in the AM. Forget brushing our teeth, a cup of coffee is an essential part of our morning routine and it is actually a good thing that we do, considering how having our daily cup of coffee has been proven to be highly beneficial to us. In a huge study done in Britain with over half a million participants, researchers found that those who drank coffee were less likely to die early than non-coffee drinkers and this is believed to be because of the antioxidants in coffee that help shield the body from the damage to our DNA from our normal body functioning. It was also believed that the drinking of coffee would also reduce the inflammation in our body, change how insulin is used in our body and also help improve our liver function.

Despite all the health benefits that coffee has to offer, we still have to be more conscious over our coffee intake (always remember, moderation is key). In addition to how much coffee, we need to think about the coffee that we are sipping on. This is so because of how caffeine is prepared in so many new inventive ways now and some of these ways in which we fix our coffee actually do more harm than good for us. Here are some good habits that you can keep in mind before you get your hands on your cuppa joe.


Back To Black

If you are looking to lose weight, nothing beats making the switch to black coffee (and that is the one without any added sugar and milk to it). Because of how most of the iced coffee contain plenty of sugar, sweetener and condensed milk, it could turn your low-calorie drink into a vessel-clogging beverage that would cause you to bulge at the sides. To avoid having to undergo insane diets or undergo weight-loss surgery, what you can do for yourself is to swap your cappuccino or ice-blended frappuccino with a cup of black coffee that contains only just two calories. Not to mention, when you skip out on the milk, there is lesser milk to dull down the effects of caffeine, ensuring that you get your boost of energy in the early morning and giving you the mental clarity to face all of the challenges for the day. But if you absolutely have to have your milk, go with the latte which would set you back by only 67 calories with each serving.


A For Almonds

Black coffee is certainly not for everyone and for those who find it hard to make the transition from their creamy coffee, a lovely compromise would be to add a splash of almond milk over cow’s milk. As compared to regular milk, almond milk is a great substitute that is low in calories and has much lesser protein. This would mean that your body does not have to struggle as much to drop the added calories. Another reason why almond milk is a clear choice over cow’s milk is their rich vitamin E content — just tipping a little almond milk into your coffee would help you improve your mental clarity and performance while preventing coronary diseases and cancer.


Keep It Hot

Contrary to the recent suggestion that cold brew coffee is actually beneficial for your stomach and teeth thanks to its lower acidity levels. We are sad to say that new research has emerged to prove that this belief is only a myth. A study done by an American university found that the pH levels of hot brew and cold brew coffee were within the range of 4.85 to 5.13 on the pH scale. The difference in .28 was too insignificant of a difference to have a bearing on our health. But what they also found out was that the level of antioxidants in hot coffee differed by miles — in hot coffee, there was a higher level of antioxidants than cold coffee and that would help in ensuring your body is shielded from the effects of ageing that might show up as wrinkles or fine lines on your skin.


Natural Sweeteners

If you like your coffee with a bit of sweetness, you do not always have to turn to sugar and artificial sweeteners for you to satisfy your sweet tooth. When you go down that route, you are basically adding sugar and calories into your diet without realising and those three or four cups of coffee would certainly add up. Thankfully, you can still get your fix of sweetness without the additional calories through the use of unsweetened cocoa powder or cinnamon powder, which would give your coffee a flavourful punch, Cinnamon powder, in particular, has been found to help with the burning of fat by firing up your metabolism and helping you on your goal towards overall weight loss.