How Fat Loss Can Help Your Face

Before the K-Wave phenomenon, our definition of beauty was influenced by Western standards, in part due to various media outlets! Due to the “Everything Korea” syndrome which has dominated the entertainment scene both locally and globally leading to the emergence and meteoric rise in fashion, music, skincare trends. Apart from the rising popularity of Korean artists and actors in hit TV series and movies, one of the most popular trends that both young and old are talking about is the V-Shaped face. This new standard of beauty, where Asian stars and celebrities started the beauty trend, is considered attainable. Moreover, a V-Shaped face reveals a number of things such as your age, health etc. Beauty brands and fitness experts have also hopped on the bandwagon by creating makeup, skincare products, and fitness regimes to achieve that V-Shaped face.

From wrinkles to the shape of our face, our body and face go through a number of changes when we age. Furthermore, our diet and lifestyle cause us to put on extra weight resulting in extra fat appearing in our jaw area and neck. Due to the extra fat in our jaw and neck, this will lead to less defined jawline or a result of our muscles shrinking. A problem most individuals faced is bloat and water retention, especially after getting up from bed during the morning. Furthermore, an individual would lose its definition as a result of excess water and fat accumulated in the tissues due to age and lifestyle changes. Besides, there are plenty of other factors that may contribute to water retention and puffy face which includes foods filled with sodium etc.

Though you are unable to combat ageing or make changes to your genes, you can improve your jawline through various forms of facial exercises and diet changes. To find out how you can minimize your face fat, consider reading this article further as we will be sharing with you some tips on how you can get natural youthful V-Shaped face that you have longed for!


What Affects Your Face

For most individuals, their front neck muscles are usually underdeveloped, inhibited, and underutilized due to a lack of exercise in the gym or therapy setting which can be a primary cause of droopy necks and one of the unknown causes of neck pain. These muscles refer to collar bone (clavicle) and sternum that are attached to other parts of the jawbone (mandible). By doing various forms of facial exercises, this should not only sharpen your jawline but prevent you from getting headaches, jaw and neck pain etc. However, consider stopping these facial exercises if you experience pain as your form may be incorrect and you could end up injuring or hurting yourself even further.


Tips To Get Natural Youthful V-Shaped Face

1. Facial Exercises

If you are looking to enhance your facial appearance, combat ageing signs and improve your muscle strength, consider adding facial exercise to your regular routine. In fact, adding facial exercises to your regular skincare routine could be the key to unlocking toned facial muscles leaving your face to appear slimmer than before. To see more effective results, consider performing facial muscle exercises at least twice a day for 8 weeks to increase the thickness of your muscles and rejuvenate your face. Furthermore, facial exercises can help to strengthen the toning of muscles in your face. Some examples of facial exercises include pushing the air from one side of your mouth to the other while puffing your cheeks etc.

2. Limit Your Alcohol Consumption

As alcohol is considered to be high in calories but low in nutrients, it is often associated with an increase in the likelihood of gaining weight. Though enjoying a glass of wine every now and then is fine, consuming too high an amount of alcohol can contribute to an increase in facial fat and bloating as a result. To ensure that your alcohol consumption is under check, you can achieve it by managing your weight gain and alcohol-induced bloating. To keep your weight and fat gain in your face under check, consider drinking moderate amounts of up to 2 drinks per day for men and 1 drink per day for women.

3. Reduce Refined Carbs

Some of the common culprits that are responsible for weight gain and increase in stored fats are refined carbs such as pasta, crackers, cookies etc. For most individuals, we unknowingly snack on them or as part of our daily meals. However, these carbs are considered to be heavily processed leaving your body with nothing more than calories and sugar due to the deprivation of necessary fibre and nutrients. As they contain very little fibre, it can bring about spikes and crashes in your blood sugar levels and puts you at a higher risk of over-eating due to rapid digestion.

4. Check Your Diet

Though sugar induced acne can appear on our faces due to the type of food we eat, one of the main contributors to our puffed up face is our diet. The same type of food that is part of our diet can also lead to inflammation which can cause you to develop arthritis, asthma and further inflame your face. If you are unsure of the type of food that is contributing to your bloated face and other health problems, consider honing in on your groceries as some of the common inflammation-inducing ingredients include corn, gluten, dairy, processed foods etc. To increase your prevention efforts against a puffed-up face, consider a daily dose of anti-inflammatory foods such as zucchini, coconut, lemons and plenty of high-quality H2O!