How Hot Oil Hair Treatments Fight Hair Loss

Back when I was a little girl, my mom would oil my hair in the morning just before I head to school. I never really understood why but I remembered the emotional scars that it left behind. In an all-girls school, none of my classmates could comprehend why my hair was always covered in a slick of oil and I’m not sure if it was disgust or jealousy that fuelled their actions but I was always at the butt of jokes and as I got older, I resented having my mom coat my hair with that layer of oil. Because of all the crying, whining and yelling I did to stop my mom each time she held up the oil bottle, she eventually succumbed to all my sorrowful weeping and stopped. But years later when I left school, waves of envy came onto me when I spotted my best friend sporting a shiny head of hair that made her look like she had just walked off the set of a beauty commercial. You wouldn’t believe how shocked I was when I discovered that it was the very same.

What she had divulged was that the secret to her luscious hair that blew in the wind was the very thing I shied away from in my early years. As odd as it might sound, there is actually some truth to it. The reason why my mother applied hot oil to my hair was because her Mother had did it to her, starting this cycle of tradition for beautiful hair.


Does It Work?

The premise does make sense, when our skin is in an extremely dry state, dermatologists would instantly prescribe maximum moisture for our skin in the form of moisturisers or masks. That logic would apply the same for our hair as well when it is in a dry and frizzy state. You have your conditioner, your masks and of course, there’s the hot oil treatment that are just as effective.

Why hot oil you might ask? That’s all down to the belief that the heat would help the oil get into the hair shaft better and this would inject your dried out hair with a quick burst of moisture.

What this hot oil hair treatment would do is to promote hair growth by stimulating blood circulation at your scalp and that would help with the injecting of nutrients into your hair follicles, subsequently leading to faster hair growth. Thanks to how nourishing and deep-impacting the hot oil can be, it would also penetrate your scalp much deeper than your usual shampooing and conditioning ever could. Similarly, you would find yourself less likely to drop dandruff since oiling your hair would encourage the sebaceous glands on your scalp to produce more natural oil and treat dandruff for good. While you might think that your face and exposed arms would require sunscreen to shield away from sun damage each time you head out in the sun to prevent freckles and sunburn, the top of your head remains unprotected but thankfully, applying hot oil to your hair would create a layer of protection to block the harmful UV rays from attacking your hair and scalp. Lastly, that shiny and lustrous hair that you have been lusting for? You will find your hair being the center of attention each time you get on the train to work because of how hot oil treatment done on the regular adds shine to your hair and makes it so much bouncier.


How Can You Start?

How it’s done is simple. You can start by warming up an oil of your choice by means of dipping it into a bowl of hot water before running every strand of your hair and scalp with the heated oil alongside a hairdryer. Just doing this for the better of an hour has been found to help you reduce frizz, stimulate blood flow and importantly, improve the shine of your hair, regardless of the original texture of your hair.

Because of the molecular weight of the oils, not all oils would work just the same in penetrating the hair shaft. One such oil that has been found to be effective is coconut oil due to its lighter weight. Sunflower oil and mineral oil, on the other hand, wouldn’t be as comfortable an experience since they would remain on the surface of your cuticle, making your bed of hair seem greasy even when you have put your shampooed hair through the rinser.

Be extremely careful if what you are dealing with is an itchy and flaky scalp since this oil treatment would only serve to damage your scalp even further. Flaking happens because of the yeast on your scalp and applying oil onto your scalp is tantamount to feeding the beast that is yeast. While it may seem like it would improve the flakiness, they would come back in no time, multiple folds worse.


Final Note

You don’t have to venture out to an expensive spa to pamper and treat yourself to a hair treatment since that could be easily done at home with the hot oil treatment. Before your DIY treatment, always remember to keep your hair and scalp clean before you oil it and to use organic oils to prevent chemicals in the processed oil from ruining your hair and scalp.