How to Dress If You’re Of an Apple Shape

We all aspire to look like the models on the covers of magazines and the flawless celebs and influencers on Instagram these days. On a positive note, some of these celebrities and top models do blow the lid off their picture-perfect, airbrushed looks. They show us their before-and-after, and talk about how much time and effort is involved in getting them looking so good, and how some of it is just purely Photoshop.

We know they aren’t perfect; just like us, they have flaws and insecurities. Just like them, we can acknowledge our flaws and still strive to look our best with the assets we have—and ladies, we all have many! Whether you have an apple, pear, hourglass or athletic body type, there are neat fashion tips and tricks that can have you feeling and looking your best.

Before we look at six handy tips for dressing an apple-shaped body, let’s see whether you fit into this particular body type.


Do You Have an Apple-Shaped Body?

If you are an apple shape, it means that you tend to gain and hold weight in your tummy. This particular body type may be something you are born with or it may be something that developed with the onset of perimenopause.

These are the physical traits of a typical apple: a rounded midsection without a defined waist; a medium to generous bustline; broad shoulders and upper arms; slim hips in relation to the shoulder width; a small butt and slim legs.

If you identify with that, read on to find out how to best dress an apple-shaped body.


The Right Undergarments Are Crucial

The main goal with this body type is to accentuate your lovely legs and to skim over your fuller midsection. One of the first things you should do is purchase the right undergarments.

Find a good fitting bra that will give your bust a nice lift, which separates your bust and tummy areas. Breasts that sit perfectly between the shoulders and elbows will make one look more youthful. You will also want to invest in shapewear that helps to smoothen and minimise the midsection.


Steer Clear of Baggy Tops

When our midsection starts to expand, there is a natural urge to conceal it with something loose and ill-fitting. But that is a mistake: a baggy blouse or tee will only end up making you look larger.

Instead, you will want to opt for a top that is slightly fitted or tailored, in a fabric that skims (not clings) gently over the tummy. Avoid cropped or short-hemmed tops. You want tops that cover your entire belly area, and it’s actually best if they end below the hip bone.

A V-neck or embellished necklines that draws attention to the neck, decolletage and face are flattering and takes the focus off the tummy. Empire waists are also flattering as they cinch you at your slimmest point, which is right under the bustline. Tops with detail on the sleeves, pretty flutter or flared sleeves are also ways to take the attention off the midsection.


Pants Should Have Some Stretch

A little stretch goes a long way when it comes to accommodating a fuller belly. Tapered pants and jeans that narrow you down at the bottom could end up emphasising your midsection, so go for bootcut or trouser leg to balance things out instead.

You will definitely want to avoid pleats as well as anything else that adds detail and bulk to the waistline. Choose pants that are smooth in the front; those with side zippers are even better. While pockets may be fun and convenient, they do also add bulk. Pants without pockets that bulge will create a more attractive silhouette.


Don’t Skirt the Issue

There is no need to skirt around the issue; skirts are great for showing off your lovely gams. For apple-shaped bodies, it’s best to go long (no shorter than above the knee) and avoid minis; they tend to create a top-heavy figure. In terms of style, go for A-line, or fun, flirty and flared to create a nice balance.


Dress for Success

An empire-waist dress (like the top) or one with an elevated waistline is comfortable as well as accentuates the bustline and the slimmest part of your figure. However, make sure not to dress in one that gathers too much at the band because it may end up making you look preggers.

Wrap dresses, think DVF, are great options too, as the deep-V necks draw the eye up to your best assets. A shift dress that skims the body is another great choice, along with a drop-waist that flows gently over the tummy before narrowing around the hips. Patterned dresses are great for camouflaging a fuller midsection. Dark hues are also always safe and reliable choices.


Structured Jackets Are Key

Pair a hip-length structured jacket over a long, flowing maxi dress or skirt for maximum appeal. Avoid double-breasted coats and jackets and those that cut at the midsection.