How to Enjoy A Great Gym Workout: Part 2

So, you have already read and studied the first part of our Great Gym Workout article but still seem to be experiencing a tiny bit of friction among some of the regular gym members. Not sure what is exactly is? Maybe some of these additional pointers may be of additional help.


Sharing Is Caring

Just because Mondays are the de facto “international chest day” does not grant people the right to build their own private lagoon around the Smith machine. There are others who would like to work on their pecs as well or would like to utilize the Smith machine for their squats to work on their form and technique of execution, so have the basic courtesy to share, and that goes for all the other workout machines in the gym.

Additionally, even if you are left with one last set of your existing exercise and someone else comes along and asks whether you can share the bench or machine with them, do not show them the palm and say, “I am left with one last set. You can have it after that” when you actually need to take a breather or two before starting on that last precious set of yours. In case you do not realise, the time it takes for you to get your rest is ample enough time for the other party to squeeze in their warm-up set. And for your further information, yapping through with your friends, texting your ex to gauge your chances of getting back together with her or reading the ingredients off your favourite morning cereal Honey Stars box for ten to fifteen minutes in between your sets is not resting. It is a big right undercut for the other members who are waiting for you to get your sweaty bum off the equipment. Tick tock, Sherlock.


Learn to Tell Time

One of the first things that you learn in pre-school is numbers and how to tell time. And yet, twenty odd years later, it seems like almost everyone magically forgets to tell the time once they step into the gym. The cardio stations and machines are equipped with time limit functions for a good reason. Although no one actually adheres to the 20-minute cardio rule, particularly when the gym is relatively empty, you should at least have the decency to limit your cardio session on the treadmills or cycling stations to fifteen minutes or so when you see a queue forming up like the ones you see at Singapore Pools on Saturday mornings.

If there is already a snaking queue of users waiting to use the treadmill and you blatantly decide to set the time limit to 60 minutes, that essentially warrants you to be stoned in front of the entire gym congregation. While that fateful day may coincidentally happen to be your intensive cardio session day where you usually clock between 45 and 60 minutes of cardio to burn off the extra fats, you can opt to have your cardio at three different cardio stations of 20 minutes each and still clock in your 60 minutes of cardio work. Quick math.


Fully Utilise the Lockers

Almost all of the local gyms provide lockers, if not designated shelves, for you to place your belongings while you have your workout. There are there for a good reason, so please use them. There is nothing more infuriating than tripping over an oversized gym duffel bag or a size 36 weightlifting belt right after you pump out three maximum reps of a 120-pound deep squat. And that goes for your water bottles too. Do not bring your water bottles to the weights area, especially if they are flavoured energy drinks. The regular gym users certainly will not tolerate the gift of an uncivilized fitnessphile when he or she clumsily spills the drink all over the weights area, disrupting everyone from their set.

Remember, the gym floor is not your private locker room. If you are overly paranoid about the safety of your belongings, then get yourself a bigger, more sophisticated lock that requires multiple code combination to successfully unlock it. Alternatively, you can try asking any of the staff whether any of them are kind enough to stow your bag away especially for you, which we highly doubt your success rate as you will most likely be directed to the lockers or shelves that are already provided for users. If all else fails, stay home and cry on the porch.


Apply Deodorant

Enough of the Facebook memes that suggest women are attracted to the manly smell of men’s sweat. Those are lies. After 12 years of working out, I have never met a single lady who fell head over heels for me from the odour that I produce after a gym session. In fact, I have to endure lonely rides home from the gym as the seats surrounding me on the bus are usually avoided by commuters.

Your sweat is already bad enough, and for you to don a sleeveless top knowing that you have not had a good shower in days is just gag-worthy. Roll on some cologne or spray a bit of deodorant before heading out to the gym. Otherwise, please train in a cave.