How To Ensure Your Makeup Lasts All Day

Tired of having to touch up your makeup multiple times throughout the entire day? We get it. The cakey aftermath of re-applying your makeup is definitely not a cute look that we are going for, but how else are we going to maintain that fresh and clear complexion in the humid weather? To ensure that your makeup lasts all day and beyond, check out these helpful tips that you should totally incorporate into your beauty regime to impart longevity to your look.


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!

Oil, grime and dead skin cells can accumulate within the pores of your skin overtime, which ultimately leads to a lacklustre complexion with an uneven texture. This can hinder the application of your makeup and cause it to look cakey even if you only have minimal makeup on. To make sure that your complexion stays smooth for your makeup to effortlessly glide on and stay on longer, you should totally exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week to keep dead skin and impurities at bay.


Moisturise Your Visage

Create an ideal canvas for your makeup to stay fresh throughout the day by thoroughly moisturising your face. Providing your complexion with its required dose of hydration can keep it smooth and supple, which allows your skincare essentials to work better and your makeup to stay on longer. Look towards investing in a quality moisturiser that is formulated for your skin’s needs to create a glowing base. On the other hand, a moisturised visage can prevent those pesky fine lines and creases that your makeup settles into during the midday.


Blot It Out

Before you start on your makeup routine, it is always recommended to blot your face. As your skincare products may be formulated with oil, especially in rich serums and creams, you should definitely pat in and blot out the excess oil that lingers on the surface of your skin. Simply use a blotting paper to gently dab across your face, particularly along the T zone, to ensure that your makeup goes on matte and stays on for the entire day.


Prime Your Face (And Eyes)

When it comes to ensuring that your makeup stays on all day and beyond, primers are your best bet. Aside from locking in your skincare regime, a good primer also provides a smooth barrier on your complexion that makes sure that your makeup looks vibrant and fresh. Certain primers are also known to help fill in unsightly enlarged pores and fine lines for a seamless finish. It is also good to invest in an eye primer if your eye makeup tends to smudge and crease during the midday. Besides, eye primers can create a blendable surface for your eye makeup to glide on smoothly and make your eyes look vibrant all day.


Look For Long-Wear Makeup

If your makeup tends to feather away even before the end of the day even after priming your face, you might want to look towards long-wear makeup products instead. For individuals who are plagued with an oily complexion that makes makeup hard to stay on, stronger, long-wear formulas can help to answer all your makeup woes without weighing down your pores. To ensure that your foundation stays on longer, you could also build it up layer by layer to create a solid base.


Layer It On

As mentioned earlier, building up your makeup products on your face can create a lasting, texture-free base without weighing your skin down. Aside from that, it creates a natural finish sans the cakey look. Through using this technique for your foundation, eye makeup, and lipstick, you can rest assured that your makeup lasts all day. And on that note, since liquid- and cream-based products tend to slip and slide as your face produces sebum, it would help a great deal if you stippled the product into your face to lock it in.


Set Your Look In Place

Always, always lock your makeup in place with a trusty setting powder or facial mist – whichever you prefer. This will help to impart longevity to your makeup and ensure that it stays looking fresh for as long as it can throughout the entire day. If your T zone is prone to oil and shine, you might want to set it with a light layer of setting powder to keep greasiness at bay.


Avoid Touching Your Face

There is a good reason why beauty professionals implore you to stop touching your face. Aside from transferring those nasty germs and bacteria from our hands to our precious complexion, doing so actually ruins our makeup at the same time. Since our hands, especially our fingertips, have excess oil on them, touching our faces regularly can rub our makeup off as time goes by. So, to make sure that your makeup stays put and prevent those unwanted breakouts, keep your hands away from your face!