How to Flatter a Pear-Shaped Body

When it comes to fashion, simply following the latest trends blindly can be a recipe for disaster! Most of us fall into one category—pear, apple, athletic and hour-glass. If you want to look good, identifying what your body type is and learning how to dress for it is far more important than knowing and mimicking what the latest celebrities are wearing.

As a matter of fact, by identifying your body type you will be able to work and experiment with the latest fashion trends in a way that plays to your strengths. Let us begin by looking at what factors constitute a pear- or triangle-shaped body.


How to Identify a Pear- or Triangle-Shaped Figure

So how do you determine whether you belong in the pear-shaped (or triangle-shaped) family?

Here are the main identifying traits: Your waist is likely to be wider than your chest/bust area.  You have full hips and a full rear end. Your shoulders are narrower than your hips. If you have put a check mark next to all three of these sentences, then it is quite likely that you have a pear-shaped figure.


A Few General Rules

If you have a pear-shaped body, one of the main goals is to dress in a way that elongates and attracts attention to the upper torso. A pear, for instance, looks wonderful in clothing that draws the eye away from the lower half of the body and which brings attention to your neckline, back and waist instead.

If you love adorning yourself with accessories, you’ll be happy to know that you can feel free to play with fun, big and bold earrings and fiddle around with layered and chunky necklaces (so on-trend now). If you like hats, know that you are one that can’t go wrong with a dramatic, wide-brimmed hat, either!

Let’s look at your clothing options in more detail.


Have Fun with Statement Tops

As we have mentioned, pear shapes will do well to accentuate their upper body. So if you belong to this body type, you can have an absolute field day when it comes to the kinds of tops you wear. So if you are someone who frowns on wearing basics and likes to keep things interesting by playing with colours, shapes and patterns, there is excellent news!

According to fashion experts, you can go nuts with bold patterns (feel free to mix them up) and bright hues. Some styles that you should add to your wardrobe include cowl-necks, scoop necks and plunging V-necks, all of which serve to accentuate and flatter your neck and chest area. Bell-sleeves are also a great choice because they help to broaden your naturally narrow shoulders.

Also, note that choosing to wear more structured and fitted blouses or shirts can help to further define your shoulders and place the emphasis on your slim and narrow waist.


Layer It Up

Layering is a good look for a pear. For example, go for tops that end at mid-thigh and layer that with a crop top that hits at the waist.

When it comes to putting on outerwear such as coats or jackets, where the hem ends on your body is absolutely crucial. A jacket that hits at the waist or mid-thigh and that has an A-line shape will generally be flattering. If you opt for a coat that’s on the boxy side, that would work too, as long as you pick one that is cropped and draws attention to your slim waist.


Wear the Pants

Pear-shaped ladies will want to pick a pair of pants or jeans that will help to slim the hip and thigh area. With all the fun you are having experimenting with your statement tops, it is important to pair them with darker and more low-key shades (black, dark grey, indigo blue, etc.) at the bottom. As for the cut of pants, styles such as bootcut, the classic straight leg and even pants with a slight flair are all great and flattering options that will help to trim and elongate your figure.


Dress for Success

Dresses are fun, feminine, flirty and most of all, comfortable. And the great news here is that pear-shaped gals have choices galore! The dresses that compliment you are those with pretty embellished necklines and open backs, V-necks and U-necks, sleeves that have some drama such as flutter or bell shapes.

Pick dresses that cinch in at the waist or have a nice belt to emphasise your delicate and slim upper torso. Dresses (and this applies to skirts, for that matter) should preferably be A-line in style. Choose hemlines that end below the knee and flaunt your slim ankles and smooth calves in a pair of fun kitten heels. Or why not go for a full-on maxi dress. Both these lengths are great for skimming over the hips and thighs and promoting a slim silhouette.