How To Get Back Into Shape

If you have not worked out in a while, you might want to get back into shape gradually, instead of jumping right back into it. Don’t worry, you are not alone because we have all been there before. Inactivity can turn into a bad habit, where we take one too many cheat days and slip up in our journey to a fitter body. However, don’t get discouraged! With patience and determination, you will restore that drive to get your sweat on in no time.

Besides, exercise requires discipline and getting back into working out after leading a sedentary lifestyle can be challenging. To ensure that your body gets accustomed to the workout, it is important to take it slow and not overexert yourself. Set realistic goals for your fitness aspirations and celebrate every milestone to make sure that you don’t give up along the way. Excited to get back into shape? Here are some useful tips to help you get a head start in achieving your dream figure.


Stay Inspired

Staying inspired means drowning out all the negativity that holds you back from giving your best shot in working out. Get rid of that self-doubt because deep down, you know that you can achieve your body goals. So, stop making excuses for yourself and get on track to accomplish your fitness objectives by setting realistic goals or repeating positive affirmations. This will ultimately help you to stay motivated and prevent you from slipping back into inactivity.


Invest In Quality Gear

Sometimes, getting some quality workout gear can inspire you to get up and exercise. Aside from looking cute while working out, good athletic gear can even facilitate your workout performance at the same time. While most of the items, such as activewear and exercise props, can be pricey, you will be making a quality investment as they not only serve to help you achieve your fitness goals but also win in the durability department in comparison to their lower quality counterparts.


Ease Your Way Into It

When it comes to getting back in shape, the key is to start slow and ease your way into it. You want your body to get accustomed to the workouts and gradually increase your intensity level once you get the hang of each stage. Besides, this will make it less tiring on your body as a whole, which translates to a lesser likelihood of you giving up on your fitness objectives. Try doing 20 to 30 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking or swimming, to give your body a head start.


Eat Clean

Getting back into shape doesn’t just mean working out, but making real changes to your diet too. Ditch the junk food and opt for body-boosting superfoods instead! Do keep in mind to avoid processed and oily foods at all costs as they can wreak havoc on your waistline and health in the long run. You should definitely incorporate protein-rich lean meats, antioxidant-rich fruits and seeds, as well as vitamin-enriched vegetables to boost your energy levels and keep your complexion clear.


Change Up Your Workouts Weekly

To keep things exciting, try changing up your workout regime on a weekly basis. While having a solid routine is good for your body, you wouldn’t look forward to it if it is the same set of exercises all the time. Instead, try out a variety of workouts every week by giving each one a theme. To tone up your legs and core, try out barre and yoga. Or if tight abs are what you want to achieve, give spin cycling and strength training a shot.


Invite A Friend

To stay motivated, you might want to invite a friend on your workout adventures or take part in exercise classes. Having someone to work out with can inspire you to actually get up from bed and get your sweat on. Besides, you can even encourage each other or try out some partner activities, such as high-five push-ups or seesaw squats to mix things up a little. On the other hand, signing up for group classes can make sure that you stay true to your fitness goals.


Get Enough Rest

The best thing you can do for your body after all those vigorous workout sessions is to get plenty of rest for recovery. To keep your body at its optimal level and allow yourself to stay fit, getting adequate rest at night can help you to push your limits further and achieve your fitness objectives.


Reward Yourself

Sometimes, staying motivated is as easy as celebrating every little success in your fitness journey. However, it is important to not set counterproductive rewards, such as a cheat week or indulge in sinful desserts, as these may set you back in your route to a svelte figure. Instead, treat yourself to new athletic gear or a spa day to further inspire yourself to burn fats and get fit.