How to Look and Feel Your Best

We are all familiar with the Sunday gloom – that unsettling pre-Monday blues that get us feeling jittery for no reason at all. But, it sure doesn’t have to be that way! Whoever said you can only be happy on the weekends? Here’s a game-changing guide to help you feel your absolute best at the start of every week so that you can take on Monday without feeling like a downer.


Give Your Hair Some TLC

They always said that happiness comes with a good hair day, and this is exceptionally true. We almost always feel happier when we look good and showing our hair some love can certainly help. Apply a deep conditioning leave-in treatment as you binge-watch your shows on Netflix and rinse off after 20 minutes for smooth, gorgeous locks. Or if you want to treat yourself, head out to a salon for a quick hydrating treatment to help you look your best for the week.


Put On a Mask

To complement your ‘do, you would definitely want to look bright and fresh-faced on Monday morning. Simply pop on a face mask or DIY facial pack to rejuvenate your complexion and give your skin a boost. Make this your Sunday night ritual to rid your skin of all the stress that it has gone through in the week and deliver some much-needed nourishment to instantly perk up your visage.


Plan Out Your Outfits

Get some extra sleep on the weekday mornings by planning out your outfits for the week over the weekend. Besides, choosing what you want to wear and ironing them out can seriously save you time, especially so if you only have less than an hour to get yourself out of the house. This also means you will have the extra time to do your makeup, so it’s truly a win-win situation!


Prep Your Meals

The secret to keeping the weight off lies within a healthy meal prep. If you are concerned about keeping fit or simply want to save a few bucks by bringing lunch to the office, take some time over the weekend to plan out your meals for the week. Research about what proteins to include in your diet or try out different breakfast smoothies to make your weekday mornings exciting.


Take A Short Trip

Not sure what to do over the weekend? Tired of heading to the same malls? Why not take a day trip to Johor Bahru for a quick recharge? Getting out of town for a short while not only helps you to de-stress, but also allow you to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Aside from taking day trips, you could also consider planning a short getaway over the weekend!


Organise Your Home

Make full use of your stay-in weekend to clean out and organise your home. Besides, studies have shown that keeping your apartment neat and tidy can provide amazing benefits to your emotional wellbeing. Furthermore, messy living space can hinder productivity and motivation in the long run. If you feel like it’s too overwhelming, you can always start small and work your way to a clutter-free home over the next few weeks.


Put Your Phone Away

Take a digital detox and fully relax over the weekend for a clearer mind. As research has proven that minimising the usage of electronic devices can provide serious health benefits – both instantly and long-term – it would probably for the best for you to get in touch with the real world every now and then. Instead of scrolling through Instagram all day, why not use this time to hang out with your friends or head out for a quick workout session to recharge your mind and body?


Reflect and Meditate

To ensure that you are on the right track in achieving your goals, make some time on the weekends to reflect on what you have accomplished as well as the things that make you happy. This will not only help you to come up with new objectives to reach your goals but also allow you to appreciate what you have.


Make Plans With Friends

Give yourself something to look forward to after work or at the end of the work week by making plans with your friends. Besides, spending time with your friends can allow you to relax and unwind after a long day at work. You can certainly make your weekdays feel like the weekend if you want to.


Try Out A New Activity

Spending each weekend trying out new activities that you have always wanted to do can instantly make you feel so much better. Be it an aerial yoga class or a cooking lesson, make it a point to try out something different every week to get in sync with your spiritual side. Aside from learning new things, you can also connect with other like-minded people and make new friends.