How To Lose Weight Fast And Get Healthy

Everyone wants to lose weight fast and this often leads them into a trap of fad diets and so-called “quick fixes” that you see online. Some individuals respond better to certain quick weight loss plans where they successfully lose weight and keep it off while others face difficulty even in losing belly fat and achieving their weight loss goals. Due to modern day demands where we tend to lead a more sedentary lifestyle resulting in fat being build-up around our midsection as we do not expend energy. On a positive note, weight loss plans really do work, and it also means that this can help you lose weight as well as keep it off, all you need is just a quick fix.

To start off with, losing belly fat is by no means quick and easy, other than visiting a clinic for local liposuction. With that said, do not be disheartened as there are always means and ways of losing belly fat in order to achieve that ideal body. In fact, fast weight loss fixes are always hard and the speed of weight loss is perhaps even harder. However, one of the challenges is understanding how to go about it, and the truth is that different people respond differently to individual weight loss methods. A group of individuals may thrive on the challenge of intermittent fasting, but the best way for fast and manageable weight loss is by following a steady, manageable plan. With that, we do not mean to stay clear of all your favourite foods especially when there is an abundance of goodies and snacks during Chinese New Year and stick to a workout plan every day leaving you exhausted, tired and eventually give up.

For individuals who have tried various quick weight loss fixes with not much success or are unsatisfied with both your diet and exercise regime, we will be sharing with you some of the best ways to lose weight and belly fat fast.


Belly Fat: The Pros And Cons

The existence of belly fat is debatable as it is a result of cells expanding due to calorie consumption. Over a period of time, these fat cells will accumulate which will be turned into stored energy for our body to use. Belly fat exists due to overeating and a lack of physical activity. Getting rid of belly fat once you accumulate fat around your midsection is even harder compared to gaining it. In fact, belly fat (also known as visceral fat) which sits deeper inside your skin may prove to be a bigger problem as it surrounds your liver, lungs, heart, and other organs. Not limited to females, males also suffer from belly fat and it is worst for individuals who are thin. When there are excess amounts of belly fat, you are more likely to develop high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, breast cancer etc. Besides this, increasing obesity may lead to fats deposited into the organs as well as the heart.

Whether you like or not, everyone including individuals with flat abs has belly fat. On the contrary, belly fat provides cushioning around your organs, you can lay your stomach on the hard floor without hurting your pelvis, and ladies can discretely pull off unwanted pregnancies.


Tips To Lose Weight And Belly Fat Fast

1. Achieve Calorie Deficit On A Consistent Basis

The key to losing weight is by achieving a consistent calorie deficit. Simply put it, the number of calories burned has to be more than your consumption levels. The recommended daily amount a man should consume is 2,500 calories but the amount can vary depending on your height, frame, and weight. Therefore, you have to burn 3,000 calories to achieve a calorie deficit. On the flip side of things, burning 3,000 calories and consuming 3,500 would mean that there is a calorie surplus even though you have been working out all day to burn so much energy. To achieve fast weight loss and belly fat reduction, consider improving your diet and improving your exercise regimes to achieve a calorie deficit.

2. Make Diet Changes Through Decrease In Calorie Input

One of the most common pitfalls experienced by most individuals is eating more in order to ensure high energy levels which will require them to exercise more in their attempts to lose weight. However, individuals are likely not to see any favourable results. As all foods have varying energy densities, it is important to have a good understanding of the food you consume. Foods such as vegetables, fruits, whole grains have a low energy density causing you to feel fuller faster compared to high energy density foods. Foods that promote stable blood glucose levels are proteins and healthy fats, ensuring that you are full for a period of time leaving you less likely to develop cravings for sugar or tendencies to overeat. Therefore, these kinds of food provide the majority of calories. Consider getting more nutritional value from these kinds of food and consume the same amount of calories (or lesser) to keep you fuller for extended periods of time and achieve fast weight loss.