How To Lose Weight On Your Face

Did you know that the number of fat cells, called adipocytes, do not increase or decrease when we gain or lose weight? Rather, our cells are actually enlarging or shrinking, and some individuals have more fat cells in a particular area compared to others.

While fat will appear in all parts of your body, including your face when you gain weight, it will be more obvious for some than others.

Due to our diet and sedentary lifestyle, we tend to make poorer food choices by opting for fast-food, cup noodles and others due to the long hours we spend at work. Furthermore, you have an increased risk of developing metabolic disease, obesity and more due to irregular eating habits. Besides the impact on your health, irregular eating patterns can affect your circadian rhythm and cause hunger pangs at odd hours of the day and night.

Living in the modern era, we all spend more time than we should be sitting at our desks to do work, or comfortably nestled on the couch enjoying a TV show or movie or taking our meals seated at the dining table. With little to no exercise, we are likely to gain weight. That includes gaining weight on our face as well. While genetics plays a part, a poor diet and lifestyle choice can cause you to develop fats around your face and body, all of which will become even more apparent with age, due to the loss of collagen and muscle firmness.

Some of the most common places that people gain weight are the midsection, thighs, but it is also possible for fat to be distributed around your face too. If so, is there a way to lose weight on your face?

If you are experiencing fatty deposits around your chin and face and need some help to banish them for good, keep reading to learn more about double chins and the causes, as well as some helpful tips to achieve a defined, chiselled face!


Let’s Talk About Fat

You probably know what fat is as you can easily pinch it around your cheeks, neck, waist and others. However, to understand how you can lose face fat, you should start out by knowing the basics of fat. In this case, let us start with your body fat before moving on to face fat.

Broadly speaking, fat refers to a substance that is oily. The fat sitting in our body is called adipose tissue, made up of fat cells. To put it another way, these fat cells in your body are similar to small plastic bags that consists of a drop of fat. In fact, most of these fat cells lie underneath your skin, which is called subcutaneous fat (80 per cent of all body fat). The fat in the rest of our body, called visceral fat, is found around our internal organs. Therefore, we are able to see layers of body fat under our skin and around certain organs. However, not all fats are considered as bad as our body requires good fat to combat diseases and aid in our body’s daily functions. We, however, tend to consume more fat than our body requires, and we tend to consume more bad fat.

Face fat, in particular, can be found in various parts of our faces and are separated into distinct parts. Fat can sit in compartments or pockets above your eyelids, on your cheeks, jawline, chin and the front of your neck. Your facial ligaments help to hold these pockets, and they will weaken over time due to external factors and natural processes. As the facial ligaments weaken, fat can migrate and relocate to other parts of your face.

As we are unable to control where fats will appear in our face or body, it is important to lose overall weight by watching your diet and exercise regularly.


Tips To Combat Face Fat

1. Reduce Water Retention

Due to our lifestyles and eating patterns, we tend to consume excessive amounts of alcohol, sugar and salt, which are all linked to fuller faces. All this can cause both your body and face tissues to hold onto water. To prevent your face from accumulating fats and reduce face fat, consider reducing the daily consumption of these face bloaters and increase your intake of water. In fact, hydrating yourself with H2O is also considered an effective weight loss method.

2. Exercise Regularly

Leading an active lifestyle is considered as the most effective way to lose weight. As you start exercising, you can increase your metabolism and burn calories. Consider physical activities such as running, swimming or even short workouts such as high-intensity interval training (HIIT) which will make you break a sweat. By spending at least 30 minutes per day to exercise, you can achieve successful weight loss and get a toned, chiselled face and body!

3. Eat Healthily

Opt for foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables that contain a lot of fibre. Considered as a superstar nutrient, fibres helps to keep you fuller for longer periods of time. However, take note to start it slowly and prevent constipation from eating too much fibre. If you do not consume vegetables on a regular basis and want to add more vegetables into your diet, try adding 1-2 servings a day of easy vegetables like corn and lettuce to get you started. In addition to your fibre intake, make sure that you constantly hydrate yourself too!