Instant Fixes To 5 Makeup Mistakes

A crooked cat eye, eyeshadow that is smudged way beyond your eyelids, overdoing it with the blush that you made yourself look like a clown… making mistakes when applying makeup happens to the best of us. Even makeup artists are not immune to a messed up eyeshadow placement or going too heavy-handed with the bronzer.

Accidentally messing up your makeup can be a pain, especially when you have no idea how to fix it without redoing your entire makeup all over again (and who has the time and patience for that?). So what is a girl to do when she is going through a makeup mayhem?


Your Guide To Instant Makeup Fixes

Fortunately, there are ways for you to fix your makeup mistakes without doing a complete makeup overhaul on your face. All you need are the right tools and techniques, and any mess you make will be fixed in a jiffy. Here are some tips and tricks to help you instantly correct any makeup mistakes you might encounter:

Cakey Foundation

This is a common mishap many of us have fallen into.You apply foundation under your bedroom or bathroom lighting and everything looks good and flawless. But when you step outside, the natural sunlight reveals a face covered in a cakey layer of foundation, making you look like you have a bad mask on. Not only that, your foundation is clumping in certain areas of your face and you look completely flat and one-dimensional. A beginner in makeup might think they will have to remove all of their foundation and start over, but there is a much easier way to fix this. Simply take a damp sponge and dab it all over your entire face to take off any excess product. After that, use a clean foundation brush and buff your face lightly with it to even out the foundation and ensure there are no harsh lines or leftover creases. Finish off with a light dusting of setting powder and you are good to go.

Too Powdery

Dewy skin, glass skin, yoga skin… whatever you want to call it, skin that looks hydrated and glowy is what most people aim for nowadays. For those with oily skin, that means a skilful hand is needed to help them achieve this appearance. However, that can sometimes mean ending up using too much powder to keep the excess grease at bay. Thus, you end up with a face that is way too powdery, making your skin look unnatural and flat. Plus, an overkill on powder can sometimes age you a few years, especially when the powder settles into any fine lines. To combat this, mist on a few spritzes of setting spray onto your face to melt away some of the excess powder.

Too Much Blush

The right amount of blush on your cheeks can give you a youthful appearance and make your skin look fresh and plump. When you go overboard on the blush, though, you risk making yourself look like the best friend of Pennywise, the terrifying clown from Stephen King’s novel, It. Luckily, there is no need for you to go through a blush breakdown if this happens. All you have to do is put just a smidge of foundation onto the area where you have applied the blush and blend the foundation to soften the intense blush shade. Focus on blending the edges of the blush too so there are no harsh lines, ensuring the foundation and blush melts together seamlessly. You can also dab a damp sponge — the same sponge you used to apply your foundation — on the blush area to take off the excess product.

Smudged Mascara

Every person who is afflicted with watery eyes or oily eyelids know the pains of mascara that often smudges within less than a minute of application. The only foolproof way to avoid smudging your mascara is to opt for waterproof mascaras, but not everyone gets on with this option. If you are not about the waterproof mascara life and you are stuck with dealing with smudges all the time, this tip will come in handy. Keep a bottle of micellar water and a cotton bud or pad close to you when you are applying mascara. When you get a smudge, soak the cotton bud or pad with the micellar water and carefully wipe off the smudges, and voilà! Your face is totally smudge-free. If you do not have micellar water, an alternative is to use your moisturiser to remove the smudges.

Bleeding Lipstick

If you are not used to wearing a dark lipstick shade, experiencing bleeds beyond your lip line might be a problem you have to deal with often. Even with the proper application technique,  dark lip shades still have the tendency to veer beyond your lip line. When you do get smudging over your lip line, remove it first carefully using a cotton bud. Once you have cleaned up the smudges, dip a flat-top brush in a bit of concealer and line your outer lips with the concealer. This serves to neaten up your lip line and make it look much more flawless.