Is Exercise Necessary For Weight Loss?

New evidence is coming out of the woodwork to prove that exercise may not be necessary for weight loss. But this changes nothing — don’t quit that gym membership just yet. It’s true that exercise alone doesn’t truly have a significant effect on weight loss. One can’t expect to lose weight through exercise while staying on the same diet. However, exercise was never meant to be the one game changer to any weight loss plan. Instead, it remains the best way to help keep the weight from returning since it helps reinforce a healthier mindset. Let’s first take a look at the reason why people are now arguing against the necessity of exercise to understand this.


Does Exercise Really Burn Only A Limited Number Of Calories?

It is an undeniable fact that exercise only uses up very few calories, compared to how much we usually consume and expand on a daily basis. Among all the energy that we spend on physical activities, studies seem to study that exercise only accounts for an average of less than 30% of that. That really does put it all into perspective, doesn’t it? No longer does it seem as though our exercise actually uses up all that much energy, compared to how much we usually spend on other simpler, mindless physical tasks. In fact, it seems to further suggest that our diet actually plays the most impactful role in weight loss. Furthermore, this does imply that it may be quite difficult for most of us to create a calorie deficit by adding exercise to our weight loss program. However, the problem with this argument is that few have ever argued that exercise was ever that much more important than maintaining a healthy diet. Instead, the role that exercise has in weight management is much more subtle.


The Subtle Positive Effects Of Exercise On Weight Management

Unless we are contestants on television broadcasts of fitness-based weight loss competitions, exercise is unlikely to contribute directly to any weight loss program. Most of these shows use highly dubious fitness programs that are unlikely to work in real life anyway. The importance of exercise, however, is much more subtle. If you ever want to keep that weight off forever, this is going to involve a complete lifestyle change. Exercise is one way to help you get into that groove for the long run. Here’s how that happens:

Maintaining Healthy Stress Levels

Numerous studies have shown that stress can often lead to rapid weight gain. One of these is our tendency to binge whenever we feel stressed, especially those among us who associate eating with feelings of pleasure and comfort. Exercise, on the other hand, has consistently been found to be a highly effective stress buster. By engaging in regular exercise, we would be much better able to manage our stress levels in the long run, thus preventing the occurrence of weight gain.

Reinforcing The Need To Stick To A Healthy Diet

Exercise has also been closely linked with weight management for a good reason. Researchers found that those who tend to stick to a strict fitness routine are more likely to be just as disciplined when it comes to ensuring that they are eating only food that they need. This suggests that exercise is very helpful indeed in maintaining a healthier lifestyle that is much more likely to be helpful at maintaining your ideal weight and figure.

Healthier Way To Pass The Time

It is only logical that by spending more time on exercise, we become much less likely to spend that same amount of time on activities that are more geared towards senseless food binges. Consider a couch potato who spends hours at a time in front of their television, with only the company of their favoured snacks. If they had used a couple of hours of that time on more fruitful activities such as even the simplest of exercises, they would have much fewer opportunities to snack.

Helps Us Sleep Much Better At Night

Exercise also tends to both tire us out and help us wind down. By engaging in more exercise on a daily basis, we may find it much easier to sleep at night. This is much more crucial to weight management than you probably realise. After all, sleep is when our body finally takes its time to rest, recover, and repair itself. Without enough sleep, our body is unable to repair itself in time. This leads to a whole host of other health issues that make us much more likely to gain weight, such as stress and tiredness. You already know how much stress causes us to snack excessively by itself. If we don’t sleep enough, your stress levels are only going to become even more prolonged. So, don’t give up on your fitness program just yet. Exercise is still so very important when it comes to sustainable weight management.