Is MCT Oil The Next Big Thing?

When most of us think of weight loss, we think of methods like fat burners, complex workout machines or even the unconventional weight loss tricks like sniffing a banana or hanging a mirror in front of us to stop us from gorging on food. There is something else that could radically switch all that up and that is MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides). What has been discovered is that MCT oil actually works in maintaining a healthy weight loss in us since it is known to increase ketone production and boost our energy levels. Looking to introduce a little MCT oil into your life, explore and understand this magical oil today!


What Is In MCT Oil?

MCT oil is mostly derived from coconut and palm oil. To be precise, MCT oil is the combination of two fatty acids called C8 and C10 from those oils. Due to the number of carbon atoms that these fatty acids have (that is 6 to 10 if you are asking), they are considered medium-chain fatty acids or medium-chain triglycerides. The main difference between that and other forms of fats is that these medium-chain fatty acids are processed differently by our body. As compared to long-chain fatty acids, medium-chain fatty acids are transported directly from the gut to the liver before they are utilised as a source of energy or transformed into ketones when the liver breaks down the fat. These ketones are then tapped on by our brain for energy over sugar. Since the calories in medium-chain fatty acids are burned instantly, they do not store as fats as the rest do.


How Does MCT Oil Help You?

Plain and simple, MCT oil helps us with a range of different benefits from weight loss, improvements in workout performance and supporting cognitive health. Read on to discover why you should start making the switch to MCT oil today.

MCT Oil Helps With Weight Loss

MCT oil is highly recommended for those looking to lose weight due to the increase in the release of two hormones, namely peptide YY and leptin. These two hormones help you feel full in the tummy and this would actually help with consuming less. A study discovered that those who took two tablespoons of MCT oil during breakfast ate much lesser food for lunch. They also discovered that MCT oil increases the number of calories and fat that one would burn and this aids the prevention of obesity and stimulates the progress of your weight loss plan. For those who are currently taking long-chain fatty acids in olive oils, nuts and avocados, MCT oil has around 10% fewer calories. We might be dissuaded by the meagre number, but they do add up!

MCT Oil Improves Your Performance In The Gym

Most athletes that I know of approve the use of MCT oil since they have been known to bring down the lactate buildup in your body. A study uncovered how just 6 grams of medium-chain fatty acids with food actually helped reduce the lactate levels which hinder one from reaching peak performance when exercising. In particular, most of them are starting to consume MCT oil in the hour before exercise since it has been found that the body uses and burns more fat instead of carbohydrates from the body.

MCT Oil Improves Your Brain Function

MCT oil is believed to function similarly to those premium fuels you see at the petrol kiosks. Due to how much faster our body absorbs medium-chain fatty acids than long-chain fatty acids, they fuel your brain much faster as a quick and convenient energy source for the brain cells. Ketosis is also the process in which our brains make the switch from glucose to ketones for energy. More than helping us boost our energy, it is said to help with improving one’s thinking ability and memory function, especially for those with Alzheimer’s.

MCT Oil Improves Heart Health

Your heart health will improve significantly with medium-chain fatty acids as it has been earlier mentioned that they help with weight loss. Not only that, MCT oil has been found to help promote a lower bad cholesterol level and increase one’s good cholesterol level when it is added into your diet. At the same time, you can expect to see a reduction in your C-reactive protein that would decrease your risk of heart diseases.


How Can You Introduce MCT Oil Into Your Diet?

The decision to introduce MCT oil into your diet is one that is easy to make. All the same, introducing it into your diet is a piece of cake as well. There are plenty of MCT oil supplements on the rack when you visit organic health food outlets or your supplement store. For those who would like to consume MCT in their raw form, how about switching up for coconut oil, palm kernel oil, milk or butter for your daily dose of medium-chain fatty acids?