Is There Really A Best Time To Work Out?

Britney Spears once sang “There are only two types of people in the world”. In the land of exercise, these two types refer to the morning worshippers who exalt the benefits of working out before the sun is up, and the night owls who enjoy the cooling environment the night brings as they sweat it out. Is there really a best time to work out?


4 Advantages Of Working Out In The Morning

It Helps With Consistency

It is apparently easier to stay on track with a morning fitness regime where you are not bogged down by family time, evening drinks plan, late nights in the office or any other distractions. Furthermore, you tend to skip the workouts when you are tired from a long day as opposed to a fresh morning start to the day.

Less Traffic To Deal With

One perk of hitting the gym in the early morning is that there are no one to fight with for the use of equipment. Gym goers in the night tend to take their time at the fitness stations since they are not in any rush to head off anywhere. On the contrary, morning gym goers are more efficient with their workouts as they have to head to the office right after.

Eating A Healthy Breakfast

Making the effort to wake up early in the morning to workout means you would not be stuffing your face with unhealthy food choices. To reap the benefits of your morning workout, you generally will set yourself up with a healthy post-workout snack or smoothie and an increased amount of water intake through the day.

Gaining Sufficient Amount Of Sleep

Setting yourself for an early morning workout generally means you will be hitting the sack much earlier. In fact, you may be able to achieve the optimum sleep hours that are between 10pm and 3am. Quality sleep is very important for weight control. Given that you are putting in the effort to workout on a regular basis, not obtaining enough sleep is putting a damper on your weight loss journey.


4 Advantages Of Working Out In The Evening

You Get To Relieve The Day’s Stress

Instead of relieving your frustration from a bad day at work at the bar during happy hours, why not channel that energy into a high impact workout regime? Going for kickboxing classes, bounce classes, or muay thai classes are a healthier way for you to release the stresses of your work life. Studies have shown that gradual weight gain is linked to increased stress levels, due to the release of cortisol, the hormone that makes you desire for junk foods and alcohol. Instead of downing your unhappiness at the bar which will eventually lead to a beer belly, pick up some boxing gloves and punch the stress away!

It Is Easier To Find A Workout Buddy

Asking your friends to hit the gym at 6pm sounds more appealing than 6am. With workout buddies at your side, you are more likely to be supported during the tough workout regime. Support from friends or colleagues will help you through that last set of strength training as opposed to training by yourself.

More Classes Are Available

There are generally a larger variety of classes available after work as compared to the early morning. Plus, you may feel more motivated to compete against your fellow gym-goers in the same class and push yourself harder to get more out of your routine.

You Are Stronger At Night

When you are working out in the morning, you may tend to put off your breakfast after you are completed with the regime. Not having breakfast before your workout may result in a sluggish workout performance and the tendency of causing self-injury could be high due to your feeling of tiredness and inability to concentrate. When you schedule a workout for the evening, you are much better equipped to eat healthy and fuel up your body for a tough workout.


The Bottom Line

Your body has a circadian rhythm which pre-determine if you are an early bird or a night owl, and there is not much you can do about it. The circadian rhythm is centered around by the 24-hour pattern of the earth’s rotation and this rhythm influences your body functions like blood pressure, body temperature, heart rate and hormone levels, all of which play a part in your readiness for exercise. But ultimately you are still your best judge of which time of the day is the optimal time for your workout regime. What is most important is to create a regular schedule for exercise in your life. When you are able to commit to a regular workout regime consistently, you will find that you are shaping a healthier lifestyle for yourself and reducing your risk of contracting any conditions like chronic diseases.