Is Your Mobile Phone Causing Acne Breakouts?

It may be a blessing or curse, but we live in a digital age where the internet plays an important role in our daily lives. With sophisticated new technological advancements and mobile phones coming up every few weeks or months, this allows individuals to stay updated and connected even in separate parts of the world and has helped many individuals with their businesses, relationship and many more.

Naturally, there are bound to be some drawbacks with all good things. Our mobile phone undoubtedly provides us with lots of conveniences, keeps us updated but the constant contact with our mobile phones will have negative impacts on our life particularly our skin. From endless calls, texts, scrolling through social media platforms, our mobile phone has essentially been an extension of our arms.

Acne affects almost everyone at some point in their lives, particularly when they passed puberty and the condition worsens when the skin comes into constant contact with your mobile phones. This article hopes to provide you with more information for individuals who constantly suffer from skin issues and strategies to prevent mobile phone from worsening your acne condition.


Are Our Mobile Phones That Bad?

We carry our phones practically everywhere we go, from visiting the toilet to exercising and this is bound to attract lots of dirt though these specks of dirt are not exactly visible to the naked eye. Our mobile phone is essentially a “magnet” for bacteria and skincare, makeup, and environmental dirt accumulates on your mobile screen throughout the day. In fact, we are actually reintroducing these germs onto our skin whenever we take our phones out and place them our face. These germs clogged our pores and eventually lead to acne and breakouts.

Others may even hold onto their mobile phones to their face and talk for an extended period of time, causing you to perspire on the phone and this will to lead to clogged pores. Furthermore, the pores on your cheeks will be trapped with oil when you hold your phone against it causing you to develop deep forming acne cysts. (In fact, have you noticed that your makeup smudges whenever you place your phone on your face?)

Don’t just cast your phone aside at this instance! You will be glad to know that our skin has its own immune system which is able to deal with lots of stresses placed on it. However, for sensitive skin individuals with a tendency to develop eczema etc., you may have to pay more attention to your daily mobile habits.

1. Keep Your Phone Away From Your Face

We know it is difficult to resist picking up a phone call and answering them on our face. As our phones are typically exposed to huge amounts of dirt, consider minimizing skin contact with the phones by using a Bluetooth headset and hop on the bandwagon of speaking through a wireless earpiece or have your conversation via a speaker. Alternatively, you could consider texting more instead of making phone calls. The tip is to do anything as long as physical contact on your face is reduced.

2. Keep Your Face Clean

It may sound too much of a hassle, but regularly cleansing after a long phone conversation helps to keep any dirt from your face. Consider washing your face with a gentle cleanser or using some cleansing wipes for a quick clean up after a 10 to 15 minutes phone call.

3. Keep Your Phones Clean

Taking preventive measures are probably the best ways to prevent any dirt from penetrating or causing you to develop sensitive skin. We get it if you are unable to commit to an earpiece, but ensure that your phone is clean at least twice a day though it may be difficult. Consider using a microfiber cloth that you can get from a spectacle shop or pharmacy if you do not have one, alcohol swab to wipe your keyboards or screen, or distilled water as it does not contain any chemicals from tap water and a film won’t form when it dries.

4. Keep Your Phone Casings Clean

If you protect your phone with a plastic phone cover or casing, consider using alcohol or cotton swabs to clean it inside out and leave it to dry before putting it back on. For leather casings or pouch, consider using a leather cleaner which can be purchased at any automotive, online stores. These leather cleaners are intended to moisturize and ensure that your phone is clean.

5. Prevent Contact Dermatitis

Majority of our mobile phone cases are made of nickel and chromium which is one of the main contributors to skin allergies. Unbeknown to many, we naturally hold our phones flat on our face, and a sudden rash appears at the side of our cheek. In fact, that sudden rash you see is actually cell-phone dermatitis. Consider covering up your mobile with a plastic phone case and screen protector.