Is Your Skin Care Regimen Still Effective?

Imagine this. After months or maybe years of trial and error, you finally found your holy grail product – it is perhaps that bottle of serum that really gives you the hydration your skin needs as per promised, or that tub of moisturiser that brightens up your skin – basically the product that makes you feel like a goddess on clouds. You started on one bottle, got another bottle and now you could probably be on your third bottle. And you begin to realise that when you first used your holy grail product, your skin was great! Now it doesn’t seem to be as good as before. What is going on? Has your holy grail lost its efficacy?


Developing A Tolerance To Skin Care Products?

Can our skin actually develop a tolerance to the skin care products that were once good for our skin? It might appear to be so. The term for it is tachyphylaxis in which our skin, having adjusted to the products, becomes less sensitive with continued usage over time. Tachyphylaxis is apparently quite a known phenomenon. The effects become less pronounced and our skin could have fallen into a maintenance mode instead. When you first use your holy grail, your skin was probably a disaster. And the product was such a lifesaver, so you saw the effects it produced for your skin. Over time, your skin becomes better and healthier, thus the product appears to have lost its effectiveness. To counter this, the solution is to stop using your holy grail product for a while before returning to it. The results will be as per the very first time you used it, and you can see it ‘work’ for your skin.


Switch Up Your Skin Care Routine

All skin care products have a use-by date. Generally, moisturisers, serums, face creams and eye creams last between six months to a year; while sunscreen, anti-aging and anti-acne products can last up to a year. Since you will have to switch out your products by their expiry dates, why not consider a change in the type of products you are using? Skin tend to change with time, either it is through hormonal changes or environmental changes like stress or weather change. So what once worked for your skin may not have been effective the second time round. Rather than denouncing the effectiveness of the product, find another product that is suitable for your skin’s needs at the current point in time. Come back to your holy grail again after a break. Your skin will thank you for it.


How Do I Know When I Should Change My Skin Care Products

Sometimes you stop seeing the effectiveness of the product long before the product expires. Pay attention to these signs that tell you when you should be changing your skin care products around.

Weather Change

There are hot months in Singapore, and there are the hot, hot months. Where you can feel your skin burn through your clothes even just being out under the sun for five minutes. Think about switching your holy grail product with another that is of a lighter texture or has extra ingredients that can help protect your skin from the heat.


Maybe that new promotion at work has led you to burn more midnight oil. You are not getting sufficient sleep and your skin is bearing the brunt of it. It is breaking out and you feel like a teenage again with the zit marks left as war monument. Add in anti-acne products into your skin care regimen to help with the aftermath of the battle you had lost.


Extending Products’ Effectiveness

Now that you are aware that your favourite skin care product may not work for your skin forever, what can you do to extend its effectiveness? Some tips for you:

Store Your Skin Care Products In The Right Places

Do you know where you store your skin care products can affect the products’ lifespan and potency? And no, the bathroom is actually not the best place to store these products. This is because the constant exposure from the heat and humidity of hot showers can lessen the effectiveness of products, especially those with active ingredients like vitamin C. The best places to store your products are in cool, dark places where they are not exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Keep them in drawers or even the refrigerators.

Applying Your Products In The Correct Order

There is a simpler way to ensure that your products can work better for you. And that is by ensuring you are applying your products in the correct order. Layer on your products from the lightest texture to the heaviest texture. The recommended order is: cleanser, toner, targeted treatment products (if any), serum, moisturiser and finally sunscreen (for your daytime regimen only).