Jojoba Oil Will Help You Beat Acne Breakouts

The first thing that comes to mind when I first mouthed jojoba oil out loud was of Mojo Jojo. Do you remember that pesky villain in Powerpuff Girls that was relentless in his bid to take over Townsville? The jojoba oil that I am talking about is rather similar in the sense that jojoba oil is as relentless in their battle against acne and before we spoil you with all the good stuff, did you know that jojoba oil is extremely common in most skin care products? Despite its unusual sounding name that might force out a chuckle in you, you will find it in most ingredient lists of skin care products due to its gentle nature on our skin. Read on to discover a little more on the health benefits that jojoba oil brings.


What Is Jojoba Oil?

Scratching your head at what jojoba is? It is actually a plant that finds its roots in North America. The reason why you do not see it in most Southeast Asian countries is down to the fact that this robust plant actually functions best in the harsh desert environment where others shun away from. The thing about the jojoba plant is that it produces a special nut and this is the fundamental component to jojoba oil. After it has been extracted, jojoba oil is often mixed together with other essential oils as a carrier oil. Due to the potency of most essential oils, they could actually cause you to get skin irritation and when you introduce jojoba oil into the mix, it makes it comfortable for use directly on your skin. Before I jump the gun, scroll down to uncover the many positives that it would bring for your skin!


Benefits of Jojoba Oil

This oil that comes from the nut of the jojoba plant is thought of to be extremely moisturising to our skin, thus, it is perfect for our skin. There has been plenty of research done that proves jojoba oil’s effectiveness as a counter for acne and other skin conditions. Find out more below!

Wards Away Bacteria

Because of how jojoba oil contains antimicrobial and antifungal properties, you can imagine how fitting they would be for our skin. That is not to say that it would kill all the bacteria (including the good ones), but jojoba oil has been known to be rather effective against certain bacteria and fungi like salmonella, E. coli infection that would bring our well-functioning mechanisms to a halt. You would also discover how jojoba oil is also anti-inflammatory and its use on those acne affected areas would help you find relief from dryness, flaking and itching in those dry spots.

Soothes Sunburns

In this tropical state, it is easy to get a sunburn at the drop of a hat from just a walk to lunch. The intense sun might inflict sun damage on our skin and this would dehydrate our skin and cause our skin to start flaking. When you use jojoba oil on your skin, what you are doing is to reintroduce that vitamin E that was lost, add moisture and to speed up the healing process as your skin starts to flake and peel.

Heals Your Acne

Jojoba oil’s effectiveness as acne relief is all down to how it helps control the production of sebum. Due to the similarities that jojoba oil shares with the sebum we produce naturally, the application of jojoba oil on our skin would signal to our hair and sweat follicles that additional sebum for hydration is no longer needed and this stops acne breakouts that are caused by clogged pores from an overload of sebum. On that same note, jojoba oil has been found to stimulate healthy wound healing from its higher concentration of vitamin E and this would certainly help in reducing the appearance of acne scarring.

Soft And Plump Skin

It is the antioxidants in jojoba oil that are primarily responsible for your baby smooth skin. This is because they go a long way in helping your body and skin produce collagen. When we age, those collagen levels dip quite a fair bit and that is why our skin health takes a hit the older we are. When we use jojoba oil, we are improving the synthesis of collagen at the cell level and this would gift us with plump and perfect skin.


A Little Warning

The thing about jojoba oil is that it is perfectly safe if you are thinking of using it on your skin, although some may find themselves having an allergic reaction to the oil. If you are second guessing yourself, perhaps a patch test before you apply it onto your skin would be a great idea. This ensures that you do not have to check yourself into the hospital from an allergic reaction at the eleventh hour as your allergic reaction might cause you to swell at the throat, face or tongue. For some, the prolonged use might also cause rash and irritation or even hives. The thing about skin health is that no two products work the same different individuals since our body and skin reacts differently. If jojoba oil is not your jam despite all of its health-boosting positives, there are bound to be many other natural alternatives that would suit you. Don’t be dissuaded in the pursuit for your ideal skincare routine, it takes time, patience and grit, just ask Mojo Jojo.