Let’s Go Nuts For Pistachios

A bag of nuts costs almost peanuts since they can be found at any petrol kiosks, supermarket and even in airplanes. Since beauty is essential to us, it is our duty to let you in on a secret that not all nuts are the same. Before you dive into a pack of trail mix, know that there are certain nuts in the world that are exceptional when considering their health benefits. You must have heard of common nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews and pecans but one that often falls off the list due to its much longer name is pistachios. Read on to find out why changing your mid-day snack to this green-nut would make all your colleagues turn green with envy.


It Contains A Lot Of (Good) Fat

What we discovered is that raw and roasted pistachios contain a bucket load of fat. A serving consists of about 13 grams of fat and that is already at 17% of the recommended limit per day. But calm down… you do not have to throw those bags of pistachios away since these fats are of the monounsaturated variant. These are actually healthy for the heart since the phytosterols (plant compounds) in them help lower your bad cholesterol levels and of course, bring down the risks of heart-related diseases.


It Is Great For Weight Loss

On the topic of fat, who here has once polished an entire bag of nuts on her own while watching a drama series off Netflix? I have… and that habit has led me to overeating more than I should since I will admit I do not have the self-control to stop within the limit. Perhaps that is why we all can agree that the top reason why we should all switch to pistachios is that you can ingest more than a handful of them in one sitting and not feel guilty about it. This is because a serving of pistachios is around 49 of these little green nuts as compared to a serving of walnuts, which equates to only 14 walnut halves. If you are the trigger-happy sort when it comes to snacking, you can eat to your heart’s content and still be well within the limit. Perfect for managing your snack cravings while staying within the fine lines of your weight-loss plan.


It Packs Protein

Let’s be honest… most nuts are good for us since they provide our body with plant-based protein, fibre and healthy fats. However, pistachios are a cut above the rest since they pack a good amount of protein (that is 6 grams a serving if you are asking). Coming in just behind almonds, protein hold about 20% of the weight of each pistachio and contains some of the amino acids that our body thrives on. Since we all know our bodies are unable to produce some of these amino acids, it has to come from our diet and pistachios do the trick. One such amino acid is L-arginine, which turns into nitric oxide in our body, helping our blood vessels dilate, giving us a much peachier complexion.


It Helps Maintain Skin Beauty

The primary cause of your skin issues has a lot to do with inflammation since it is your body’s natural response to deal with the alarming problem on hand. At the heart of pistachio, you would find lutein, beta-carotene and tocopherols which effectively reduce systemic inflammation and in so, help you ease off any of your uncomfortable or unsightly skin issues like acne. What’s more, the antioxidants found in this healthy nut slows down pimple growth by holding back your blood sugar levels and the acne-causing hormone androgen.


How Should You Eat Pistachios?

As a healthy snack, the best way to bite into those crunchy green nuts is to buy them raw as the roasting process adds in salt and oils to make them more palatable. In addition, nutritionists believe that the act of peeling the shells yourself of each nut might help you consume far lesser – when you have to shell out the extra time to de-shell the nut, you slow down and start being more mindful about how much you are actually consuming. As compared to dropping a handful of pistachios in your mouth, you would be more likely to maintain your trim figure.

Similar to the other nuts, they are not only great as a snack on its own since they can also be used in the kitchen to add flavour to your culinary dishes. Fun ideas would be to sprinkle grinder pistachios into your pasta or even use pistachios in a fine powder to bread your fish. Since pistachios are easy on the taste buds, you are really encouraged to colour out of the lines and find fresh and exciting ways to introduce them into your diet.