Live A Happier Life: Part 2

If you think happy endings are reserved only for fairy tales, think again. In fact, leading a happy life is easier than you’d ever imagine if you abide by these guidelines for a blissful existence.


Never Compare Yourself To Others

Anyone who grew up in the 80s or 90s will probably tell you about the constant nagging of their parents and never-ending comparisons drawn between them and the brightest, smartest kid in the extended family or in the neighbourhood. The supposed motive behind this was simple — to spur us to work even harder to achieve greater heights. Or so, they thought. Modern science has proven that the act of comparing your children with others are more likely to cause low-esteem and promote self-doubt from an early age.

Obviously, we were not aware of these detrimental effects of comparing oneself to others and so we grow up innate to this habit. Up to this day, many of us will often compare our lives and level of success with that of our close friends, relatives or colleagues to gauge our social ranking and status. You are constantly comparing how much money you are making, how much is your net worth, how fancy your car is, how big your house is, how often are you travelling for vacation and everything else that can be measured under the sun. But at the end of the day, these mid-draining comparisons bring nothing but misery to your already beautiful lives. You start to feel dejected and depressed as soon as you realise that you are nowhere near your successful friends when in truth, whatever that they are doing with their lives have absolutely nothing to do with yours and contribute nothing to your own happiness.

On the contrary, you will taste true happiness when you have successfully unleashed your greatest potential in life by doing the very thing that you love with the people whom you dearly love. Remember that not everyone is born equal and that every single one of us has a different destiny. Each one of us will be on different paths, often determined by our own unique set of abilities, talents, gifts and given opportunities. Happiness stems from living and enjoying your life to the fullest doing the things that ignite and fuel your soul. So, stop dwelling about others, start living your own life and start chasing your greatness because at the end of the day, everything else is meaningless.



If you are a big fan of epic martial arts movies, you would probably realise that there will always be a master or sage somewhere in the storyline that presses on the importance of inner peace. It may seem redundant but the older I get, the more I start to realise that inner peace is key to the many greatest treasures in life. And what better way to achieve that than to forgive, even if you cannot forget. Learn to forgive yourself first and foremost, and then the others. Every one of us makes mistakes as none of us is born perfect as it is. Some of us fail. Others fall heavily from grace. We all mess up from time to time but ultimately, forgiveness is the elixir of the soul. It takes pure grit and strength to forgive.

Furthermore, walking around bearing a grudge can never make you happy because of all that negative energy emitting from inside you. Instead of trudging around with that negative load of yours, learn to let go of those who have wronged you in the past. Let bygones be bygones. Rid yourself of all the negative emotions and start forgiving others on a daily basis, even if it means having to forgive your exes who have brought you nothing but heartache, misery and a face full of acne from all that binge-eating unhealthy food, crying and simply not giving a care about anything else. Remember that they were placed at some point in your life for a reason — to cherish, love, hurt and teach you — and when you have learnt all the lessons that you should, they leave and when you learn to forgive, know that someone better will come and take their place to lead you toward a bright future with renewed hope.


Stay Happy

Like the trending Marie Kondo will say, only keep the things that spark joy in your life. Having said that, we are not suggesting for you to react harshly by eliminating the negative people from your life with a click of the button. Alternatively, you may want to surround yourself and spend more time with happy people who bring out the best in you with their positive vibes. Distance or limit your exposure with the negative and toxic individuals as negativity does not beget positivity. Conversely, it will only attract more negative people to come into your life. So, start surrounding yourself with positive people and watch your life take a happier turn.