Live A Happier Life: Part 3

We are no happiness experts but one thing we do know is that you neither wait for happiness nor save up for it. Happiness starts from within you and certain actions or decisions can amplify it. If you want more happy days than sad days, we urge you to continue reading!


Do Not Be Materialistic

Some of you may recall Viacom’s hit show MTV Cribs where each week, host Kimora Lee Simpsons will take the viewers to an exclusive inside tour of the homes and mansions of the most famous Hollywood celebrities with gorgeous and flawless skin such as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Matt Damon and Kim Kardashian, among many others. Each episode of MTV Cribs never failed to wow the viewers as they gaped in awe from their budget sofa sets at home as they catch a glimpse of the wealth of some of these celebrities. From mansions to Olympic-sized swimming pool to a collection of fancy cars, these celebrities seem to have it all and it is no surprise that some of the viewers, especially the younger ones, adopt a materialistic mindset growing up.

They might not want to date a guy who dons a G-Shock or might not bat an eyelid if the guy offers to take her out on a date via public transport. It may be a tough pill to swallow for some people, but a thirty thousand-dollar Breitling watch will tell you the same time as that of a Casio. Similar to its continental counterpart, a humble Japanese hatchback will certainly take you from point A to point B the moment you step on the gas pedal despite the difference in horsepower. There is nothing wrong in owning two or three supercars, a sixty thousand-dollar Omega wristwatch and a toilet seat made from pure 24 Karat gold if that is your passion and your bank account allows it. However, you have to be aware that these materials do not equate to true happiness and despite what James Bond might have fed you, diamonds are definitely not forever.

If you grew up in an average middle-class Singaporean household, you would know the difference between happiness and pleasure. When you were gifted by your parents a brand new toy, you were elated and it brought you pleasure for that set amount of time until you are presented with a new set of toy. This pleasure, in essence, is fleeting as it is meaningless. It is an endless cycle where you keep chasing but never feel satisfied even after you have acquired it simply because it is short-lived.

As such, do not hold these worldly possessions with the highest regard. Instead, invest your time and money on something more valuable such as a memorable holiday experience with your loved ones because memories are forever.


Do Plenty Of Good

Receiving is a blessing, but if you are well to-do, then giving is always better than receiving. Some of you may wonder why many of the men and women of Forbes’ top 50 list donate huge amounts of monetary resources to various organisations and charities. It is because the very act of giving brings a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment that remain incredibly etched in the soul. Some of these millionaires and billionaires were not born into wealth — they are the blessed few who have experienced both poverty and wealth, and the lessons they take away from those experiences are gold. Throughout their tough times in poverty, they learned what no comprehensive textbook can teach and through their financial freedom, they learned first-hand what no excess amount of money can buy.

Their days in poverty have taught them gratitude and made them realise that things could have turned out so differently for them had it not been for that one big break. This is their way of giving back to society and you can be doing the same too. Be the giving hand that offers love, hope, joy and belief to the less fortunate when they have none. A little kindness can go a long way.


Always Keep That Inner Child

Children are many wonderful things. Back when we were younger, we were so full of love, innocence and dreams. There were so many things that we thought were possible and that no single person that we met was evil. We grew up with such pure, untainted hearts and yet, when we become adults, that magic mysteriously disappears.

Being a child at heart and letting that kid out at times can definitely bring out unconditional happiness in your life despite all of your woes and problems. Dream big, take on adventures, carry out some harmless pranks and be silly at times. Just because you are an adult does not mean you are not allowed to misbehave once in a while. Life is beautiful and so are you. Therefore, never allow anyone to take away and destroy that beautiful inner child of yours. Protect it and it will provide you with its fair share of happiness.