Make Walnut Your Preferred Nut

Who doesn’t love a bag of nuts? As you break open each shell and savour each crunchy, nutty and healthy bite, know that nuts are really your closest circle of friends if you are lusting after a healthy hearty lifestyle. While potato crisps and chocolate bars are the ones who steal the thunder when it comes to office snacks, nuts are really the underrated bargain of them all since they provide so much with just so little. In particular, walnuts are really the most underrated of lot since they are so seldom brought out to share in the office space. That is partly because of its slight bitterness in flavour, but trust us, following each bite, it will get better from then on. And if you are wondering if you will be rewarded for your valiant attempt at conquering these bitter bites, you thought well. Read on to find out why you should welcome the fruit of the walnut tree into your diet.


It Is Good For Your Digestive System

Don’t take it from us but recent studies have suggested that when we partake in a delightful serving of walnuts, we are essentially consuming pre-biotic since they promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms. In particular, it is in our gut in which these changes can be seen in — the alpha-linolenic acid (a plant-based fatty acid) and the high amount of protein and fiber within walnuts help increases the good probiotic-type bacteria in our gut. And with a wider diversity in bacteria within our gut, we are less likely to be at the mercy of conditions like obesity or inflammatory bowel disease.


It Helps With Weight Control

The facts about walnuts state that they are indeed much higher in calories since they are dense in calories, but that should not dissuade you from picking up a handful on your way home. In reality, the high-calorie count is due to the higher fat content. However, that very same fat content is predominantly made of polyunsaturated fatty acids that are highly beneficial to us. In addition, Scientists from the Agricultural Research Service in the United States have declared that walnuts are actually lower in calories than originally believed (21 percent to be particular!).

But here is the secret that would actually convert more into walnut lovers… walnut has been known to help curb cravings, control appetite and reduce hunger. In another research study done, brain scans were done on participants who had consumed walnut smoothies and they discovered that the area of the brain in charge of resisting food cues had an increase in brain activity. An additional plus point is that walnuts also contain melatonin, the chemical that helps us sleep better at night. It is true when they say you lose weight better when you have had a good night’s rest.


It Boosts Your Complexion

One thing we love about walnuts is that they can be incredibly good for your skin as the healthy fats within walnuts help soothe dry skin. This is surely a well-known fact since we know how the application of walnut oil during our beauty routine helps moisturise our skin and boost the growth of our skin cells.

Walnuts are also a superfood for the skin since they are chock full of Vitamin B and Vitamin E, which work together to combat free radicals in our cells, thereby, delaying the aging process. With the might of walnut valiantly fighting by your side, those fine lines and wrinkles will only come to haunt you decades down the road.

If you are suffering from dark circles from the lack of sleep, dabbing a little warm walnut oil has been known to do wonders in lowering the contrast between the two. Beauticians discovered that the oil in walnut can help reduce puffiness and ensuring your eyes look their dazzling best.


It Promotes Better Brain Health

If your friends call you the Little Miss Scatterbrain of the group, it is time to discover the prowess of walnuts since they are known to be really good for the brain. Due to the phytochemicals and Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats in walnuts, the oxidative stress in your brain will be deeply reduced, while the brain signalling and the creation of neurons will be on the rise. In no time, you will discover that your short and long-term memory will be much stronger.


A Roundup

I am sure you have heard it all. All nuts are great nutrition-wise since they are a reservoir of all the good stuff from iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamins, good fats and the fatty acid omega-3. For all the good things about walnuts, they are plain delicious as a treat, be it raw or roasted. If you are not the sort who would put walnuts straight from the shell into your system, how about adding them as a thin crust over your baked salmon or mixed into your salads?