Mastering The Art Of Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

If we had a dollar for every time that we tossed our makeup brushes aside without cleaning them, we would all be millionaires. Face it — despite the fact that our makeup brushes constantly come into contact with our faces every day, we don’t clean them as often as we should. After all, who has the time and energy to spare? Not to mention that sometimes we do feel apprehensive and intimidated at having to wash our makeup brushes, especially if they are pricier than most. Nothing is as heartbreaking as accidentally ruining your makeup brushes while cleaning them.

Well, it turns out that despite the potential heartbreak, we might want to fix our habit of not cleaning our makeup brushes frequently as it can bring about numerous skin related issues such as acne outbreaks, infections and irritation. In addition, oil, dirt and bacteria can accumulate on unwashed makeup brushes, thus causing the bristles to become stiff and clumpy. Asides from that, more effort will be required when applying makeup. This is because the makeup residue in the brush will affect the pigmentation and evenness of your makeup, making it look blotchy.

As such, it’s time that we lather up and get our makeup tools looking spick and span. Unsure about how often to wash your makeup brushes and the best way to clean them? Fret not as we have compiled a guide that will help you master the art of cleaning makeup brushes.


Step By Step Guide To Sparkling Clean Makeup Brushes

There are varying opinions about how often you should clean your makeup brushes but the general consensus seems to be doing it on a weekly basis. However, do note that this weekly cleaning rule does not extend to your eye makeup tools. For eye shadow, eyeliner and eyebrow brushes, you are encouraged to be even more vigilant with regard to maintaining their cleanliness. This is because your eye area is especially sensitive and delicate, therefore there is an increased likelihood of developing sore eyes or other viral infections due to your dirty brush. As such, make sure to clean your eye makeup tools daily or at least once every two days to prevent this from happening.

Feeling overwhelmed by the number of things to take note of? Don’t worry as here is a step by step guide to washing your makeup brushes:

1. Use Warm Water To Wet Your Makeup Brushes

Put your makeup brushes under running water to dislodge any chunks of makeup residue present in them. Make sure to use room temperature water as hot water will ruin the fine hairs of the brush. Asides from that, if the handle of the brush is made from wood, try not to get that section wet as water will seep into it and damage it.

2. Dip MakeUp Brushes Into Makeup Brush Cleanser Or Soap

After which, dip the wet makeup brushes into a bowl of either makeup brush cleanser or soap. Be wary of using overly strong soaps or detergents as those can wear out the hairs or fibres of the makeup brushes, regardless of whether they are animal or synthetic. Also, opt for fragrance-free soaps as those usually contain less harsh ingredients, which reduces the probability of it causing skin irritation when the washed brushes come into contact with your face next time. Alternatively, if you are afraid of spoiling the bristles of your makeup brushes, why not invest in a dedicated makeup brush cleanser instead to clean them? They come in either spray, liquid or pad form, so you can choose whichever type based on your preference and budget.

3. Twirl The Brush And Stroke Its Bristles Apart

Then, twirl the brush clockwise so that it can soak up the makeup brush cleaner or soap while gently prying and stroking its bristles apart. This will ensure that your makeup brush is thoroughly cleaned and free from any debris or makeup residue stuck in it.

4. Rinse Away The Suds

Wash the off the suds that have accumulated on the brush by placing it under cold running water. Double check if there is still any makeup product lodged in the brush by swirling it in your palm. If there is still soap or makeup residue, continue rinsing the brush until the water is longer a murky colour.

5. Dab A Bit Of Olive Oil Before Washing It Off

As there are many makeup brushes that are made out of fine animal hairs or synthetic fibers, try to keep them in good condition by dabbing a bit of olive oil. This will aid in maintaining the softness of the brushes and make them last longer.

6. Tweak The Brushes Back Into Shape

Gently wring the water of your brushes before tweaking them back into their original shape. This is an especially important step as not re-shaping them after cleaning, can cause their shape to change. Subsequently, this will affect your future makeup application and make it difficult to get an even finish.

7. Let Your Brushes Air Dry

Lastly, gently pat dry your makeup brushes with a tissue or paper towel before either placing them flat on a table surface or on a brush drying rack to air dry. It is especially crucial that you dry the brushes twice as any moisture retained in them can facilitate the growth of bacteria, thus causing clogged pores and painful and inflamed acne outbreaks. Avoid letting your makeup brushes dry in an upright position as that can cause any remaining water in it to flow back to the handle. This can hold rather disastrous consequences in the long run, especially if the handle is made out of wood.