Matching Earrings To Flatter Your Face Shape

Flipping and scrolling away while looking at those slim and flawless faces in the magazines or social media feeds have you feeling green with envy? Don’t be. Apart from the possibility of the images being heavily photoshopped or the team of hair and make-up has done an amazing job, there is also the magical angles where the portraits are taken to look nothing less than perfect. But if those reasons do not convince you about it and you cannot help but think about achieving that well-chiselled face in real life (after all the make-up tips and tricks that you have tried), one way to have your face look slimmer is by making a conscious selection over the accessories that you wear. Of the many different types of accessories available, earrings and glasses are crucial in playing the part. Why? Well, they are literally placed on or next to your face and can create a contrast to either define or soften the lines of your face. Read on to find out more on how you can flatter your face shape with the right earring design today!


Identifying Your Face Shape

To kickstart this journey of attaining slimmer and sharper jawline with earrings starts by identifying your face shape. Grab a mirror and place it at a height where you can look at yourself straight in the eye. Then trace the shape and try to make out the overall shape that your face belongs to. If you find it hard to figure out, have a friend to help you out or take a selfie and trace the outline of your face in the picture to find out which shape your face belongs to.

Oval Shape

Known to be the most ideal face shape as it is versatile to take on any style of accessories and hairstyles, the oval-shaped face can be identified with the distinct egg-shaped outline. The forehead is not too wide and the line from the forehead extends in a soft line to join with the high cheekbones with a slightly narrow chin. The best kind of earrings to help you attain a more defined jawline is to wear drop earrings that stops right before the highest point of your jaw. Angular shaped as the ornaments can help give the illusion of more angles in your case, so stay away from round, circular designs. If dangling earrings are not your thing, try chunky polygonal designs to instil angles onto your face. Compliment it with arched eyebrows and you are pretty much there! Of course, it will work even better with some contouring done by the sides of your cheek hollows, or highlighting the high points above your cheeks.

Round or Circle Shape

Your face takes an overall circular form and the distance measured from the center to your nose to the outline of your face is relatively the same all around. Before you think that it is hopeless to have a sharp, tapering jawline given the soft and round form of your face, stop. In fact, you can create an illusion of that by some clever contouring below your chin and wearing a long necklace to help draw peoples’ eyes downwards. Complementing that, earrings with inverted triangle designs are your go-to for adding some width and a narrow, elongated visual effect. Your aim here is to elongate your face shape and add angles that point towards your chin. Give it a go!

Heart Shape

If you traced out a heart shape while you are identifying your face shape, congratulations! You have the natural gift of a sharper jawline already. That is half the battle won for sure. If you see to define it a little more, go with hoop earrings or of circular designs to lay a drastic contrast to your face’s natural V-shape. You have read it right. It is as simple as that.

Square Or Rectangular Face

The widest points of your forehead, cheeks and jawline seem to be aligned, creating a squarish, rectangular form. Though hoops will look amazing if you want to achieve the balanced, golden proportion look, it is ear studs that feature designs with a horizontal extension that can help you create the illusion of a slimmer v-shaped face. That would mean that the inverted triangle design that is mention above for oval face will work wonders for you too. However, long dangling earrings are your bane to create this look, so avoid them like a plaque, if you will.

Upright Triangle Shape

Your forehead is way narrower than the widest points of your jaw and your chin seems to almost lie in a straight, horizontal line to your jaw. For you, earrings can be a little tricky if you want to create the tapering jawline look as to create that illusion of an inverted triangle shape, volume is required at the top and mid sections of your face. Piercing of the thick fold of cartilage on the upper inside of the ear can help achieve it. Though we think that it is sassy and cool with the right jewellery, we know that it ain’t the look for everyone. Your best bet? Ditch the earrings and go with a statement over the top headpiece that draws volume instead.