Mistakes You Are Making In The Gym

Been busting it out at the gym all day in an effort to get those lean and toned arms? If you have been making constant efforts to lose weight to no avail, you may have been making some mistakes in the gym. When we gain weight, there is a tendency to carry excess weight across all parts of your body, including the thighs, arms, and abdomen. When you gain excess weight in your arms and back, it can cause the appearance of the dreaded flabby arms and may cause us to have lower self-esteem and poorer body image.

Whether you are a male or female, all of us desire for lean and toned arms which becomes especially visible when we wear sleeveless dresses and tops. From dresses to tops, we will be able to conceal most parts of our body except our arms when we wear clothes without any sleeves. Due to ageing, we tend to gain weight in all parts of our body such as our belly, thighs and our arms where excess fat seemingly appears when we gain weight. With saggy upper arms, it starts getting embarrassing when we clap, wave our arms in the public where our arms jiggle uncontrollably. Arm fats are generally the result of genes, ageing or excess fat. Without regular exercise, you will gain weight causing fat to be accumulated in your body especially the arms.

Either way, we tend to be more conscious over our appearance as we are being judged by our clothing, body shape etc. which is an indication of our character, social status and leaves a lasting impression. In this day and age where sleeveless tops have become widely accepted, it is essential for us to know the basics of adding muscles and losing fat which affects our body frame.

If you have been struggling to add that awe-inspiring lean and toned arms to your body frame, you should continue reading to find out some workout and lifestyle tips so that you can flash those toned arms in no time!


Understanding Our Body – How It Affects Lean And Toned Arms

Whether it is our friend or someone we see on the street with a well-shaped arm, most of us actually secretly hope to have a set of toned arms. While there are plenty of workouts and diets that promise weight loss and toned arm results, it is also equally important to have a good understanding of our daily activities where we unknowingly commit mistakes.

Our genes determine where calories are being stored, burned from, and the amount of physical activity and resting energy the body burns. However, even before you start blaming your genes, it is better to have a good understanding of your body in order to realize your dream of having a set of lean and toned arms you have been aspiring towards to.

If you have been committing to a workout or diet routine but that those workouts aren’t getting you anywhere, you ought to know that fat loss cannot be spot-treated. Firstly, in order to lose weight, you should improve the muscle tone in your upper body, commit to a proper diet and regular exercise to achieve a tight and toned appearance. If your priority is to tone your arms, look towards exercise regimes which include lower arms, higher repetitions, cardiovascular activities such as brisk walking or high-intensity interval training (HIIT) to reduce the fats around your muscles.


Workout Mistakes

1. Long Intervals Of Rest

Are you always scrolling through social media between your workouts? If you are, you might be ruining your workouts. If your goal is to add muscle or burn fat, then committing to the right amount of work and rest is crucial but more rest is better if you want to get stronger. Despite being the most important, rest is notably one of the most untrackable variables during your workouts. Without proper tracking of rest periods, a difference can be seen and felt between a successful workout and one that goes through the motions. Therefore, consider getting a timer app on your phone or smartwatch and target to keep rest periods under two minutes for muscle gain or a set number of reps with rest intervals between 15 to 60 seconds and gradually reduce the amount of rest.

2. Training For Looks

It is common that every one of us wants to be the embodiment of all physical perfection, but it may not be as effective as it seems especially when having functional knees and efficient posture is more important than ab shots as you age. Consider challenging all aspects of fitness from flexibility, cardio, bodyweight strength etc. such as inverted rows, single leg burpees etc during your 30s as you will be able to maintain good levels of health and fitness without muscular imbalance or injury risks. For each exercise, do three rounds of 30 seconds followed by a recovery period of 30 seconds.

3. Not Warming Up

We know that time is precious especially for individuals who have a family or are working. However, not warming up enough has some detrimental effects on your body such as injuries, weight loss as the body does not generate enough heat for the burning of calories. Consider a simple 5-minute warm-up which includes ankle circles, squats, lunges and reaches etc as part of your injury-free and workout goals of 2019.