Mistakes You Are Making In Your Arm Workouts

Whether you are a male or female, every one of us yearns for a set of lean and toned arms which many have tried various workout methods to no avail. When we do not see our desired results, we start finding switching to different workouts hoping to achieve better results or at worst, throw in the towel. Weight gain is an issue that goes beyond just a single part of the body. In fact, it is common that excess weight appears in different parts of the body such as the thighs, arms, and abdomen. If plump biceps or flabby arms still continue to haunt you no matter how much effort you put in, there could be some arm workout mistakes that you are unknowingly committing.

Are you always in awe of your friends or people with a set of toned arms walking down the street? You are probably wondering if those sculpted arms are due to their good genes. As a matter of fact, incorporating a comprehensive weight loss regime could be the trick to help you slim down and get toned arms as fat loss can’t be spot treated. “Spot treatment” essentially means targeted fat loss which many turn to in an attempt to reduce fat at specific areas of the body.

If you are in the midst of your arm training or have given up due to repeated arm workout efforts, consider making some changes to your daily workouts. We will be sharing with you some tips in this article to achieve leaner and toned arms so that you can confidently wear your sleeveless tops!


Losing Weight Through Arm Workouts

We know there are some specific workouts targeted for specific body parts, and it has caused some misconceptions that we can lose weight in specific parts of the body. People want to lose weight for various reasons such as improving their health, reducing the likelihood of developing diseases, more attractive etc. For those who are fortunate, the excess weight is spread proportionately, while others have weights stored in specific areas such as the belly, thighs, arms etc.

While it is tempting to eat high-calorie foods such as ice creams, cakes especially during special occasions like birthdays, festive seasons etc., this plays an important role in weight gain other than gender, age, genes. In some instances, women carry a high ratio of body fat and excess fat tend to be stored in the butt and thighs especially during and after pregnancy. During menopause and perimenopause, the weight tends to shift to different parts of the body such as the belly etc. On the other hand, there is a higher likelihood that men will gain weight in their midsections all through their lives.

As mentioned earlier that spot treatment may not necessarily prove effective in your efforts to lose arm fats, it is vital to have a good understanding of how our body burns fat. A triglyceride is a form of fat found in your cells, and the body has stored fats which it uses for energy. When we exercise, free fatty acids and glycerol which are broken down from triglycerides can come from all parts of the body instead of a specific part of the body. Therefore, to successfully achieve lean and toned arms, consider looking into a full body workout and diet.


Arm Workout Mistakes

1. Isolated Movements

It is typical of us that we want to stick to specific movements like carrying weights and committing to 100 triceps extensions. However, sticking to these isolated movements are not going to help you achieve your goal of lean and toned arms regardless of the weight we choose to carry. In fact, these workouts act for the expansion of muscles rather than burn fat. To achieve a set of lean and toned arms, consider multi-joint exercises such as push-ups, pull-ups, lat pulldowns, upright rows etc targeted to your backs and shoulder muscles as well as biceps and triceps muscles which essentially means that you do not need to work so hard in order to see optimal results.

2. Starting With Single-Joint Exercises

If you want to see results in your upper body and increase strength, consider starting your sessions with a multi-joint exercise such as pull-ups, chin-ups, overhead presses etc. If you start off with a single-joint exercise, then compound movements like chin-ups etc. are bound to be more difficult to execute as your forearms may be too fatigued. (Pro-Tip: The order of your workouts matters. Don’t destroy your ability to perform movements that will deliver the best results).

3. Not Having A Proper Diet

If you do not see any improvements after putting all your effort in the gym, you probably need to relook into your meals as your body fat composition has to be low enough for muscles to appear on your arms. Having a poor diet essentially builds your muscle for you to become stronger, but does not help you achieve a well-defined arm. In other words, protein is the basis for muscles to develop, and it helps to rebuild torn muscle fibres during your workouts. Consider a meal rich in vegetables and healthy fats, and try to minimize your intake of sugar and processed food.