Plankton, Your Treat For Radiant Skin

‘Planktos’ — the Greek word for plankton, means drifting or wandering. Indeed, that is what planktons are. They are basically any living creature that is carried in the ocean currents. It can be the tiniest virus, microscopic algae, fish larvae, krill to the large organism like jellyfish, salps. The carefree drifters in the water bodies that form the basis of the food chain in which the large consumes the small. Many planktons species play an important role in our ecosystem by producing oxygen when they photosynthesize, renewing the air that many living organisms depend on to stay alive.

Today, we shine our spotlight on the marine planktons, that can be extracted from algae and seaweed, and the plethora of benefits that they bring to help you achieve gorgeous skin like those depicted in beautiful movies of mermaids. Read on!


High Levels Of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)

Planktons that stay alive by providing food for themselves through the process of photosynthesis contains vital enzymes. These potent enzymes are called superoxide dismutase, is one of the richest sources of antioxidants that you are able to find. Along with B Vitamins and riboflavin, SOD takes the role of ridding free radicals in your body. In turn, your skin would enjoy a slower rate of ageing, lightening and prevention of pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. To reap these benefits, ingesting marine plankton supplements or topical application of skin care would be the best way to do so.

Unlike the antioxidants found in foods which seek out toxins to eliminate them, SOD is produced by virtually the cells in your body. It works hand in hand with your body to naturally forestall potential contamination. In short, the SOD found in planktons are able to make new cells and also maintain the good condition of existing ones.


Get Pimple-Free Skin

Get a strong dose of zinc from planktons and enjoy benefits like blemish and pimple free skin. This is because zinc has natural moisturising and antibacterial properties that can help revitalize and regenerate your skin cells. Be on your journey of achieving and maintaining radiant looking skin by adding plankton infused supplements, skin care and more.


No More Freckles

Planktons contain a relatively good amount of beta-carotene. Beta Carotene is a great mineral for your body to repair your skin and wipe out free radicals that cause oxidative harm to your body. In other words, one of the perfect mineral to eat or apply to help slow down the rate of ageing. On top of that, beta-carotene plays a role like that of sunscreen for your skin, keeping the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays from causing your skin harm. So pair it up with your sunscreen application to get the ultimate sun protection and keep freckles at bay!


Turn Back Time

A mineral that is known to be super effective in keeping your body in great health, especially against heart diseases, thyroid and certain kinds of cancer. It can boost your immune system and works wonderfully to turn back time for your skin. As selenium is vital for keeping your thyroid gland’s health away from free radicals’ harm, your metabolism would hence be enhanced.


Keep Acne At Bay

Chlorophyll is one of the essentials for photosynthesis to occur. It is hence one that is naturally found in planktons. There are many benefits of chlorophyll apart from its well-known strengths of being an effective antioxidant and blocking sun’s damaging ultraviolet rays. Chlorophyll can create a hostile environment for bacteria and germs. Thus, application of planktons on your face can help fight and clear acne and reduce skin inflammation, when the usual cause of acne is a collation of dead skin, bacteria and oil.


Heal Your Scars

Remember how you used to get a scraped elbow or knee when you were younger and your parent would apply iodine on it to help the would heal faster? Well, that is one great benefit of iodine! In fact, you can boost your cellular function and accelerate the process of cell generation with the help of iodine found in planktons. This means that iodine helps in the healing of scars when applied topically and consumed it as a supplement to your diet.


The Takeaway

Planktons, though micro in size, is beneficial in many ways for our skin and health. In skin care, it is able to provide calmness to inflammation of the skin, hence making it suitable for sensitive skin to use too. It is advised by many skin care and beauty professionals to use plankton infused products as essence, lotion, cream or moisturiser, or the extract itself to help boost skin health. By adding planktons to your skin care, it can up the resilience of for your skin against any harm and damage. So give products that contain planktons a try and give your skin a dose of plankton powers to attain mesmerizing mermaid skin.