Setting The Facial Skin Tone Right

Congratulations on making it through a long, tough year!

As we approach the end of the year, we also start to reflect on the events that happened over the year, make Christmas wishes and decide on what our New Year’s resolutions will be. With all those in mind, we carefully pen them down hoping that we will fulfil it next year. Some may have rounded off 2018 with plenty of good things to remember while others might be looking for a new start to 2019 hoping that it will be better than the events that have happened in 2018.

Likewise, it is essential for every girl to adopt a beauty regime to address their skin issues from ageing skin, breakouts, acne, dark circles etc. We have all heard of Korea’s seemingly endless 12-step skincare regime, Japan’s anti-ageing skincare products or perhaps organic skincare products from Europe and many others…

As 2019 approaches, perhaps you should consider adopting a new skincare regime to face the new year’s challenges head-on looking fresh and ready; and if you are suffering from dark circles or heavy eye bags, addressing those should be one of your top priorities.


The Curious Case Of Dark Circles

So what actually causes these dark circles? The answers may lie in your genes and lifestyle choices.

Whatever your job may be, working long hours is inevitable in Singapore. For most office workers, although your job contracts commonly cite your working hours as starting at 9am and ending at 6pm, it never really is, is it? Ever so often, our tasks take us well beyond 6pm. For the non-deskbound workers, it is not uncommon to work more than 44 hours a week and even burn off their weekends at work.

Working long hours could have some detrimental effects on your health as it may have repercussions on your physical and mental health thus causing you to be less productive than you ought to be! Some side effects of working long hours include: putting on extra weight, heart disease due to a lack of exercise, diabetes, depression, heavy eye bags, poor skin complexion and the list could go on and on…

After knocking off from work, most of us would probably have been deadbeat! If you have children, your work does not end there. Picking children up from care centres, prepare or provide dinner, family activities, putting the kids to bed after a long day can really put a toll on you.

With these life stresses and inadequate rest, why would anyone be surprised to develop heavy eye bags and dark circles?

Don’t get us wrong, we are not asking you to quit that job of yours or discourage you from having children! But with a little lifestyle maintenance, solutions to work-life balance could be as simple as exercising, having adequate rest, adopting a healthy diet, using the right skincare products, wearing sunscreen and applying adequate makeup in order to reduce those heavy eye bags and dark circles!

1. Exercising

We know that healthy living always includes exercising. Simple exercises from taking a walk to jogging and perhaps even yoga could do the trick! It not only relaxes the mind but stimulates blood flow and encourages movement in the body. Exercising also helps you to release pent-up stresses, unleashing them on every stride and lift, as well as conditions your mind to be more resilient to everyday stress.

2. Having Adequate Rest and Sleep

We all know the importance of having adequate and good quality rest and sleep as they are how our body recover. A well-rested body also means having a better constitution and energy, promoting healing, blood flow and skin glow, thus reducing the visibility of dark circles.

3. Adopting A Healthy Diet

As the saying goes: “You are what you eat”. Eating healthy is essential in maintaining healthy-looking skin. Keeping to a healthy and balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, fibre, fat and protein primes your body for optimal healing, recovery and energy restoration.

4. Use The Right Skincare

With the abundance of skincare options and advertisements promising us results from lifting, tightening of the skin, reduction of wrinkles, acne etc., it is important to find one that has Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid as they brighten the skin leaving it radiant-looking and encourages collagen for the skin.

5. Protecting Your Skin With Sunscreen

Having quality sleep is essential in preventing dark circles from forming but sunscreen protection is as important too! Wearing sunscreen protection is vital in preventing harmful UV rays from penetrating into the skin and deteriorating your skin, making it more susceptible to skin issues. The tanning of your skin can also make dark circles more visible. Yikes!

6. Cover Up With Makeup

While makeup does not really help with dark circles or eye bags, they are great as one final touch to complete your strategy. Knowing that you are looking primed for the day’s (or evening’s) plan gets you looking confident and powerful. A confident-looking person exudes energy and dispels the gloom. Simply follow the previous steps to reduce your circles and conceal your dark circles with light, natural-looking makeup is perhaps the trick look fresh. Consider a concealer with peachy colours that correct dark/grey colours and a yellow concealer to cover up pinky/red tones.


The Bottom Line

Having healthy amounts of stress is actually a good thing, providing us with the drive and motivation to aim for more. But living healthily and meaningfully is also about finding the right balance of work, play and rest. Start 2019 on the right note with the above tips and you will be indestructible!