Should You Buy Into Facial Cleansing Brushes?

Let us paint the picture. You have just gotten home and dropped your bags. You go to your room and sit on top of your duvet and wonder if you can muster the strength to scrub and cleanse the makeup from your face. The answer should always be yes but realistically we have all been guilty of turning into bed when we consider how long that cleansing process takes.

This is as real a problem as can be since our tiredness (and laziness) after a hard day of work could potentially bring about the downfall of our silky smooth skin. Now with how the beauty industry is always innovating for solutions, there are automated cleansing brushes that provide all that efficient time saving while giving our precious skin a deeper scrub. But with all the benefits, are there any drawbacks to picking one of these handheld machines up?


How Do They Work?

Cleaning brushes work effectively since the tiny bristles on the brush head actively penetrates deeper into the surface of your skin and therefore it pulls all the dead skin cells and draws with it the excess oil, makeup, specks of dirt and remnants of sunscreen on your face. Since this is a dedicated instrument with fine bristles, it gives you a much thorough cleanse than what your fingers or makeup sponge could give you. What makes it a beautician’s tool of choice is that it actually speeds up the process of skin renewal since the exfoliating effect of the brush actually removes all the debris and oil. When that happens, your complexion will turn from dull to bright in time. Similarly, when your pores are all cleaned of dirt and dead skin cells, the pores automatically tighten and this makes your pores shrink and look less visible in a quick glance.

Likewise, when the skin is cleared of all the dirt and waste, your skin would find it much easier to absorb the other skincare products that you routinely use. Your toner, moisturiser, serum and whichever that follows would be sponged up by your skin faster.

Those who have used a facial cleansing brush would definitely swear by its use since they have a much rosier complexion. Why, you ask? That is because the little movements that each bristle makes resemble a massage; as your skin surface is gently stimulated, your skin complexion would appear much more radiant.


Debunking Some Myths

Since facial cleansing brushes are so pricey to own, some of us have some misconceptions about the use of such a tool. Read on as we address some of the more pressing concerns over these brushes.

What About Bacteria?

It is true… a facial cleansing can totally spread bacteria around your face and cause you to break out in acne. But, that only happens to those who either forget or refuse to clean their brush head properly after use. Like most of our toiletries, they are often left in a dark and damp spot that is our toilet and that is basically a playground for bacteria. To put those fears to rest, spend an additional two minutes after to remove any dirt or makeup on your brush head with warm water and some soap. This would prevent bacteria from congregating on your brush head before running riot on your face. For good measure, it is well advised to also soak your brush head in some rubbing alcohol to completely destroy any determined bacteria that have survived the daily apocalypse.

Can It Work On Sensitive Skin?

A common worry for those with sensitive skin would be if the use of a cleansing brush would worsen your skin. Rest assured… the use of one is totally fine as long you pick out a suitable brush head that works best for your skin. Before you jump right into your purchase, it is good to go to a store to determine which brush head is friendly to your skin. As a general rule, those with finer bristles would be gentle on your skin. Always take extra precaution when you are using it. Use a lighter touch and for a much shorter time and only treat your skin to once or twice-a-week sessions instead of it within your daily routine.

Will It Thin My Skin Too Much?

Believe us, it is as scary a thought thinking about how our skin could just disintegrate till we can almost see our cheekbones. But a facial cleansing brush is the last thing that would do that since your skin would show signs of over-exfoliation before it reaches that extent. If your skin is rejecting the daily use of a cleansing brush, it will show up as irritated and dry skin that may look redder than usual. In the first week, test it out and see how your skin reacts to the use of your cleansing brush with twice a week sessions. If all is good, you can work your way up to daily sessions as long as it looks and feels good to you. Just watch out when you cleanse near your eyes since the layers in those surrounding areas are much thinner and delicate.