Skipping Your Way To A Skinnier You

While many might attribute skipping to an exercise only for our little ones in primary school, skipping as a form of exercise, has been found to be incredibly effective as a weight-loss method. You might baulk at this realisation, but you will understand why at the end of this article. Read on to discover more about this workout and perhaps, it is time for you to rediscover the simple joy of skipping rope.


What Is Skipping?

Skipping rope stands out in the childhood memories of most simply because it is something that can be shared and enjoyed with friends or played by yourself when it is time to head home. Those were the best times of my life where I could feast on all the savoury fried food and tasty chocolate snacks and not have any trouble with them since I could easily skip those bulging fats away. Even when I am overseas on holiday, skipping is the one exercise I can rely on. This is simply because of how the only equipment you would need is a pair of skipping rope that can be easily slotted into your carry-on luggage. When I’m in the hotel room, I can always untangle it and skip away for 15 minutes, giving me a good cardio and high-intensity interval training workout. You would be surprised to hear that skipping actually burns around 1300 calories an hour.


Benefits Of Skipping Rope

Here are some benefits of skipping rope and why you should start once more!

Skipping Is Easy To Get Into

Unlike a gym, where there are many barriers of entry, skipping is such an easy exercise to get into. Firstly, you do not need to spend large amounts of money, when considering how a pair of skipping ropes only cost less than $10. Secondly, skipping can be done anywhere, regardless of the weather or any space constraints that you are currently facing. Thirdly, skipping can be done by everyone, regardless of age, gender or experience and it doesn’t have to be all fun and games. Skipping can function in your lifestyle as a proper form of exercise since you can introduce new and challenging variations to your skipping regime.

Skipping Tones Up Your Body

While you might think that skipping is a very rudimentary sport for little kiddos, skipping actually provides a full-body workout that would help tone up and develop the muscles of your thighs, shins, hip-flexor and calf in particular. Not only that, but skipping also does work the muscles on your abdominal area and arms to give you a defined look across your entire body. For athletes, it can function as an extremely important part of their training simply because it helps one work on their endurance, footwork, balance, coordination and agility. Many runners and martial arts practitioners even add skipping to their training sessions to improve their sporting performance.

Skipping Helps You Lose Weight

As we have learnt in the previous point that skipping helps tone up the different muscle groups of our body, you would be pleased to know that this exercise does help you bring down your overall weight as well. Just a short 15-minute skipping session would destroy around 325 calories in that short span of time! If you are pressed for time, you can include it into your high-intensity interval training workout and still walk away feeling good about yourself.

Skipping Isn’t Harsh On Your Body

As compared to other sports, skipping doesn’t inflict a lot of damage or pressure onto your body. When placed in comparison with other contact sports, this sport would be much safer since there is a lesser risk of contact injuries. The low-impact exercise of skipping has also been found to be much safer than running as well since there would be less pressure and shock placed on your joints, especially your knees and ankles.


Tips To Make Skipping Easier

While skipping is generally rather straight-forward, we have got some tips that would help make this simple exercise even simpler to master.

On The Right Surface

Preferably, this exercise should be done on surfaces that would not hurt your feet. It would be much better if you could skip on a surface that is shock-absorbing in nature. Wooden floors or other similar smooth surfaces are encouraged to avoid tripping accidents or rubbing, which could wear the surface of your feet down or lead to injuries. You should try to avoid skipping on carpeted surfaces or asphalt surfaces for your own safety.

Do Your Warm Up

Skipping can be an intense form of exercise, therefore, like any other work out session, you ought to do a proper warm-up just before you get started. Simply spend the first five minutes stretching to get your muscles all warmed up before getting into light jogging on the spot to get your heart rate up before jumping into your workout. This would prevent you from getting unfortunate injuries while exercising that would keep you out on the sidelines for weeks.