Style Yourself Slimmer: Women’s Edition

Give us a five if you have ever let your clothes order you to hit the gym and hit it pronto. We all have our favourite clothes or fashion pieces that did not go easy on our purses. Instead of throwing them away or donating them, we sometimes simply love them a little too much to see them go. So instead, we hit the ground running to shed the flab to fit in our pants.

Just for the record, we should embrace exercise and healthy eating simply for health’s sake, but we ladies also got to embrace our curves and make them work for us.

The pretty and fashionable divas you see on the silver screens, red carpets and Instagram are not so much about high-end fashion or who gets to set the trend, but the savvy ones who know how to put on and mix up clothes to not only look like a million bucks but also look slimmer and taller than they really are. After all, it is all about perception.

Follow our guide and be the showstopper just as you are.


Wear Clothes Based On Your Shape

Sometimes, we get so distracted by our desired outfit that we forget that it should be our body shapes dictate what we should wear. Neglecting our body shape can cause us to choose unsuitable pieces that do no justice to our looks. Shapewear is a skill you should never put off – the right fashion piece for the right shape can make you seem slimmer, or at least not accentuate your flaws.

Take caution not to wear something that makes you look like you had just jumped right out of a slimming centre with the body wrap still on. You should go for shapewear that holds your body contours just right, whether it be your waist, bust, thighs or butt. Wearing clothes too tight can make your folds more pronounced, causing you to look like the Michelin Man with his bulging paddings.

To look sleek and elegant look, pick shapewear that is one size bigger than your underwear. Go for two sizes larger if it’s particularly tight.


Dark Shades For Spots You Want To Hide

The tip about how black and other darker hues help you to look smaller than you really are is well-known. But a wardrobe with only shades of black is not exactly a very vibrant selection. Playing wisely with dark and bright shades can not only make you look slimmer but also accentuate your curves.

Be courageous in your colours and embrace the light side. All you need to know is how to match them properly. Is your bottom heavier than your top? Even your physique’s shape out by going for a light- or bright-coloured top paired with a black skirt, dark indigo pants or navy blue jeans. Light colours generally enlarge your silhouette and dark colours do the opposite.


It Is In the Cutting

There is a reason why tailor-made clothes usually make you look and feel better than those you buy off the shelf. Tailors take into account your proportions, structure, lengths and widths to create a piece that flatters your good traits and tucks in your negative ones.

If going to the tailor to fill up your wardrobe is impossible, not to worry. When buying clothes, go for thicker and stiffer fabrics that add structure like an encasement. They also do not adhere to every each of your body to show the undesirable tucks and folds.


Loosen The Top

Going for tight clothes is not always helpful to look slimmer, and curvy ladies need to know this. Tight tops can make otherwise hidden folds now visible for all to see. Other than going for structured clothes, a loose cocoon sweater or blouson top with the right cutting flatter your figure and hide undesirable traits. Do wear these with good-fitting bottom pieces like tapered pants or jeans.


Put On Layers

If all else fails, just layer up. Outerwear like jackets, coats and scarves can cover your flaws quickly and comfortably. Pick those that can cover your hips and hide the bumps and bulges around your chest, waist and bottom. A long cardigan with a slightly firmer material or a blazer with the waist area nipped-in waist is a good choice.


Accessorise To Your Appropriate Size

Accessories like jewellery, bags and belts can not only finish your outfit with a fashionable touch, but they can also make you look slimmer if you are masterful in using them to enhance your shape and proportions.

The rule of thumb is that the larger the accessory, the smaller you tend to look. Consider wearing cuff bracelets to contrast with your wrists and forearms, broad belts to create the impression of a slimmer waist, statement necklaces to complement your shoulders or a trusty tote bag to shield your waist bumps.


Heighten Not Just The Senses

Wear clothes, accessories and designs that give you a visually heightening or elongating effect. Pointed heels, tapered or ankle-cut pants and fitting pencil-skirts are some that you can consider for your next hot date or function.