The Right Mattress Will Save Your Life

We have been brought up to respect the trinity that contributes to our good health, that is good nutrition, exercise and the dedication to hold it together through the highs and lows of life. While they are well and truly the way to being trim and healthy, we are overlooking the importance of sleep to function at the highest level in life. Did you know that having either a lack of sleep or a poor quality sleep actually leads us to make poorer decisions in the day? Let’s not discount the fact that people who do not get their restful sleep are at a higher risk of getting depression, high blood pressure and heart disease.

For most who fall in that category, they believe the underlying reason behind their poor sleep is the use of handheld devices in the nighttime. It is ironic given how blue light has been known to be environmentally friendly. To us humans, blue light has the potential to ruin our sleep. Since the exposure to light when the sun goes down have been known to suppress the flow of melatonin, a hormone that affects the circadian rhythm. When we are exposed to light from our smart devices in the night, our body stays alert, causing its natural rhythm to be all over the place.

Besides what blue light does to us in the night, another common problem identified as a cause for poor sleep is the mattress we sleep on.


What Is A Good Mattress?

It is common for people to think of a mattress as a place where we can rest our heads when we are weary, but there is so more to it than just furniture for us to lie down. There is no way to pinpoint the right mattress for the general public since purchasing a bed is a highly personal decision that are determined by a series of personal factors. But what a good mattress has to be in general is to provide comfort for the user while being firm enough for the spine to maintain a good postural alignment.


Different Types of Mattresses

Most of us do not give a thought to our mattresses since they have grown invisible in the background of the more attractive furniture like our high-definition television or our armchair. There are actually three types of mattresses that can be found at the store.

Open-coil Mattress

First up, the open-coil mattress is the most common you would find since they are the most affordable. However, since they move together as a unit, any slight movements from your tossing and turning could actually disrupt your companion’s sleep and jolt him or her from sleep.

Memory Foam Mattress

Secondly, we have the memory foam mattress, which has a top layer of memory foam. Used in certain hospitals, they are great as the mattress aligns and contours to the body of each individual instead of placing pressure on parts of the body.

Pocket-sprung Mattress

Then there is the pocket-sprung mattresses which has over 3000 springs that have been sewn into each fabric pockets. When one lies on the bed, they will be supported by individual pocket springs and this avoids any arguments that arises when a sleeping companion stirs.


What Can A Fitting Mattress Do?

As advised, it is best to buy a mattress that fits since the common store-bought variant that comes with the bed frame may not exactly provide you the support tailored to your sleeping position, type and frame of your body. There can be arguments made about how the human body can sleep anywhere when they are under a lot of fatigue and stress, but what about those restless nights when you are forced to go to bed while your mind is still thinking about that exciting novel you are on.

Having a comfortable bed that doesn’t give you sores and aches the next day would prompt you to live a much healthier and longer life. Even if you are unable to get your full 8 hours of restful sleep, you will feel much more alert the day after. Not to mention, all that lack of sleep has the potential to cause you to put on weight.

What about sleeping positions you ask? In general, if you are someone who spends most of your night on your back or stomach, firm mattress tops offer the most comfort and support. For those who sleep on their sides, pillowtop mattress layers are great options since they are made of soft material that allow the body to sink in easily.

Like any of your family members or friends would recommend, this is all talk since there is no way of knowing what the best mattress is for you until you and your sleeping companion make a trip to the mattress store physically and take your pick from the wide selection available. A bed is a purchase that would tide you through over the better of a decade, if you have to take hours finding the perfect bed, that time spent at the mattress store would be well worth it.