The Truth About Lobster As A Weight Loss Food

Whenever I am in London, one of my favourite go-to restaurants that I would add to my to-do list is Burgers & Lobsters. The options are simple, you either choose the burger or the lobster and my seafood-loving self would always pick the latter just for how great it tastes. But with these lobster recipes, are they good for our health? Read on to discover if lobsters are the primo way to losing weight or is it just a bag of myths?


High In Protein

Ask anyone and they will share how seafood is an absolute luxury and most would admit how seafood is not the first thing on their minds when they think weight loss. Since we are in the business of giving you the absolute facts, we have the goods: lobsters can be great for weight loss. We say that since they are an excellent source of lean protein. What we think of weight loss is of high-protein diets and that is down to the importance of protein in the role of repairing and maintaining our muscle, skin and hair. Lobsters are also low in fat so its addition into your diet would definitely be more a boon than a bane.


Low In Cholesterol

What we are insinuating when we talk cholesterol is the potential effect it could do to our body, in particular, our hearts. The problem with cholesterol is that too much of it could radically turn our body upside down. Let’s get this straight, cholesterol is needed in our body for some of our vital body functions like the creation of new cells and the production of hormones, but too much of it is a no-no. Since about four-fifths of our cholesterol is made by our liver and the rest derives from the food we eat, when we eat food that are higher in cholesterol, it causes the cholesterol levels in our blood to rise. That could lead to disastrous outcomes for our heart with cardiovascular diseases a bulk of those issues. Thankfully, lobsters are low in cholesterol which means they are less likely to clog up your arteries and spike the cholesterol levels in your blood. It is reasonable to say that lobsters are alright, but as with everything, moderation is key.


Help With Fat Reduction

You have to go straight to the source and thank the high amounts of omega-3 fatty acid in lobsters for this. It has been uncovered that the fatty acid of omega-3 helps to reduce the fat in our liver. Due to the rise in people with obesity, there are now more and more cases of chronic liver disease. When you supplement your body with omega-3, you are reducing the liver fat and this allows the better functioning of your liver as it filters the blood that arrives from the digestive tract.


Improve Your Sleep

Sleep is important and we spend a third of our lives doing that if we think about it. Not only is the amount of sleep important, the quality of our sleep holds the same weight as well since spending hours in bed with a low quality of sleep could very well lead to sleep deprivation. You could challenge that but when we have a much lower level of omega-3 fatty acid, we are more likely to suffer from sleep disorders like obstructive sleep apnea. By increasing our omega-3 intake through the consumption of lobster, we could effectively improve the quality and amount of time we sleep. In doing so, your body has the ability to recover from your day and keep off the pounds as well.


Lobster Improves Your Skin

We can’t stop harping on the many benefits that the omega-3 in lobsters do to us. The eicosapentaenoic acid as part of omega-3 benefits our skin by maintaining the production of oil in our skin to hydrate it nicely. Over time, you would also notice your skin showing lesser signs of premature ageing and the number of acne issues that you have been facing would move towards a downward trend.


How Can You Introduce Lobster To Your Diet?

If you were to ask me, there are a ton of ways in which you can consume lobsters. An absolute favourite of mine is the lobster thermidor, that is lobster shell stuffed with steamed lobster in a lovely white wine sauce. If you are looking out for your health and weight, this rich and luxurious dish might not be suitable every day of the week. Instead, what you should be looking at is to opt for healthier cooking methods to treat your lobster to like boiling, baking, grilling or steaming. An idea would be to whip up a bowl of lobster soup or to throw lobster chunks into your regular salad. Recently, I also discovered how easy it is to grill lobster by just adding some olive oil and seasoning before having them lay on the grill for four minutes on each side. Not only is lobster healthy, but it can also be a breeze to cook as well!