The Ultimate Triceps Workouts

A great set of triceps can help you pack on some serious size on your arms. Here is how you can build your triceps that, coupled with your trim waistline, will turn heads wherever you go!


Close Grip Bench Press

The close grip bench press is very similar to your regular bench, albeit a narrower grip stance. This particular exercise is a crowd favourite as it enables you to stack on the weight and build some serious ammunition size on your guns. Lie on a flat bench as you normally would with your feet placed firmly on the ground. Grip the barbell with your hands at a slightly narrower shoulder-width stance and wrap your thumbs around the bar. Bend your wrists as little as possible and allow the bar to rest at the bottom portion of your palms as this will take the pressure off your wrists throughout the movement.

Next, keeping your elbows as close as possible to your sides, slowly and carefully descend the bar down toward your rib cage area just underneath your lower pectorals until your arms form an angle that is slightly less than 90 degrees. Pause for a moment before squeezing your triceps muscles and pushing the bar back to the top in a slight arching motion to the arms-extended position. Repeat the steps for at least three sets. You may lower your working reps if you are stacking on the weights at the start of every set.


Cable Triceps Extension

The cable triceps extension is an excellent way to work those triceps of yours without the added pressure on your wrist. Using one arm at a time, grab the top handle of a cable machine and turn your back toward to weight stack. Place your right leg forward and bend your knee slightly as you find a comfortable stance. Position your right arm so that the upper arm is slightly less than parallel to the ground. This will be your starting position.

Next, keeping your elbow in the same position, press the cable forward until your arm is fully extended. You should feel your triceps muscle tensing. Pause for a moment to contract all three heads of your tris. In this contracted position, the cable should be almost touching your hand. Thereafter, release the bar slowly back to the starting position before switching to your other arm and repeat the entire process over. You should aim for three to four sets of 12 reps each.


One-Arm Triceps Pushdown

Position your legs shoulder-width apart and then move your right leg about a foot forward. Bend both knees slightly, lean your body forward by a couple of inches and keep your back straight. Next, firmly grab the cable with your right arm as you prep yourself for the first rep. With your wrist in line with your forearm and your upper arm perpendicular to the ground, push the handle down until your arm is straight. Hold this peak contraction for a second or two and savour the intense burn in your triceps. Thereafter, allow the weight to slowly lift your arm until it is slightly less than a 90-degree angle with your upper arm. Control this movement as your right arm folds back to the starting position. Repeat the steps and complete the rest of your reps for your right arm before switching over to your left.


Decline Dumbbell Extension

The decline dumbbell extension is another great exercise that can add solid size to your arms. To perform this exercise, you need to find yourself an incline bench to work with. Once you got your hands on one, adjust the bench so that it is at a 10 to 15-degree angle with the floor. You should not adjust the bench any lower as this may trigger shoulder impingement. If the gym that you frequent to only provides a decline bench that is locked at a severe angle, simply find yourself a regular flat workout bench and prop up one end of the bench with a step.

Next, grab yourself a pair of dumbbells of moderate weight. If this is your first time attempting this exercise, use a lighter weighted dumbbell to get yourself accustomed to the motion and familiarise yourself with the proper execution technique. Once you have selected the dumbbells of our choice, grasp them in each hand and lie on the bench face-up with your hands outstretched and pointing to the ceiling. Keeping your upper arms and elbows locked and stationary, slowly lower the dumbbells alongside your head in a controlled motion until your forearm form a 30-degree angle with your upper arms. Hold that position for a second or two before pushing the dumbbells back up to the initial straight-arm position and repeat. Again, you should perform a total of three to four sets of 12 repetitions each.