These High-Carb Food Are Great For Weight Loss

We all have heard the tale a million times, carbohydrates are what causes us to fall into obesity, and this has us wrongly accuse carbohydrates each time we try our best to lose weight. But in actual fact, carbohydrates are what your body needs for energy and for the metabolism of fat since they are our biggest energy source. When we avoid carbohydrates, what we are doing is to switch them with other food items that have as much or more calories than carbohydrates would. The funny thing is the avoidance of carbohydrates when done badly can actually have a reversed effect and cause us to gain weight in fact.

The interesting thing to back that up is that a diet that is based on a high amount of carbohydrates could actually help you lose weight. A scientific study published in a journal cited how overweight test subjects actually discovered a reduction in weight following a high-carb diet for four months. It is important to make the distinction that not all carbohydrates would work well and only a selected few would assist you in your journey of weight loss. Perhaps this might sway you from your stance as an anti-carb and instead to focus on the right carbohydrates that are healthy for you. Pay attention to these four carbohydrates below and make the switch the next time you go grocery shopping.



White rice is something that is exceptionally difficult to eradicate from our Asian taste buds. But thankfully, there is a great substitute in the form of quinoa that would help you make the transition much more easier. When cooked, quinoa actually retains a fluffy texture that has a light crunch to it. Despite it sharing the same texture profile as white rice, quinoa has a much lower glycemic index and that would be great for those who are struggling with diabetes or who regularly experience the post-lunch slump in the afternoon. When you consume food with a higher glycemic index, your blood glucose level would rise and fall throughout the afternoon. Something else about quinoa that would help you stave off the cravings would be the much higher fibre and protein that it has for you to lose weight easier.


Sweet Potato

Of late, sweet potato has undergone quite a resurgence and it frequently makes an appearance at our lunch tables. Because of its sweetness, it has the capability of helping you lose your sweet tooth and kick those cravings away. But despite how sweet they might be, they have almost no fat to it and is full of fibre. A reason why it is so popular is also down to the fact that sweet potato can be prepared in so many manners. From grilling, roasting to even air-frying them, you can choose your desired mode of preparation to whip up this sweet treat. A favourite thing of mine is to air fry thinly-sliced sweet potato as a complement to your meat dishes instead of the usual criss-cut fries. The high fibre and water content of sweet potato would also ensure that you do not overeat as much.


Whole Grain Bread

Bread doesn’t have to be binned from your kitchen and your diet. However, a switch from white bread has been found to benefit your weight loss endeavour. Because of how white bread has all the nutritious bits taken out from it like the fiber-dense bran and germ, the important nutrients, vitamins and fiber are taken out of the equation. Whole grain bread on the other hand has all the nutrients you need since they retain the bran, endosperm and germ. By making the switch to whole grain, you are likely to see a drop in your body weight and percentage body fat.


Whole Wheat Pasta

Have you been skipping out on the pastas each time you visit an Italian restaurant or your usual salad bar? We have the life-changing news for you. You can keep the pasta so long as they are whole wheat pasta. When you opt for whole wheat pasta, your body takes a much longer time to digest these products and your blood sugar level would rise slower. This makes it a great way to keep you much fuller for longer. An important thing to keep in mind is to not overdo the pasta. Half a cup to a cup of pasta would do so you do not edge your calorie count by a mile.


Air Popped Popcorn

As an added treat, we have decided to introduce air popped popcorn into this mix for you to keep the hunger pangs away on those lazy saturday afternoons. Because of how easy they are to whip up in the microwave oven, you have no excuse to pick potato chips or chocolate chip cookies over a bowl of these diet-friendly snack. A research study published recently explained how popcorn is able to satisfy a person’s cravings better than potato chips and other unhealthy snacks would. The best thing about air popped popcorn is undoubtedly in its low calories — just a cup of those would only set you back by 31 calories. Depending on the seasoning that you drizzle over your popcorn (butter is a no-no), you can have these anytime you are lusting after a treat.